Terjemahan dari ignominious
embarrassing, shameful, humiliating, disgraceful, outrageous, ignominious
shameful, ignominious
despicable, disgraceful, reprehensible, deplorable, ignoble, ignominious
evil, bad, wicked, malicious, sinister, ignominious
humiliating, degrading, ignominious, scornful
disgusting, nasty, repulsive, icky, unsavory, ignominious
Definisi ignominious
deserving or causing public disgrace or shame.
no other party risked ignominious defeat
sinonim: humiliating, undignified, embarrassing, mortifying, ignoble, inglorious, disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, discreditable
  • humiliating, undignified, embarrassing, mortifying, ignoble, inglorious, disgraceful, shameful,dishonorable, discreditable
  • shameful, disgraceful, opprobrious, black, inglorious
The prospect of ignominious home defeat loomed ever larger with the passing minutes, until those dramatic closing stages turned the tide.
This joke has an ignominious history in my own life.
But once developed and utilized, it is a tool that can make the difference between glorious victory, andignominious defeat.
Moreover, he ‘leads’ the team from ignominious to defeat to ignominious defeat.
U.S. forces completed an ignominious withdrawal from bases in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
The recent ignominious defeat for John McEnroe’s much touted Davis Cup team underlined the problem.
Such is the suffering, ignoble and ignominious , it inflicts on the viewers.
To rub salt in the wound Germany then took second place in the section with a similar margin of victory as they capped possibly the most ignominious week in the history of English sport.
An early intervention by elements of the US 24th Division resulted in an ignominious defeat.
At what point do we take that ignominious , shabby route down from the moral high ground to defend a Labour government?
After Germany’s ignominious defeat in World War I, Hitler made Germans feel good for ten years, anyway.
At one stage the European No 1 was in the ignominious position of propping up the field in 60th place, but his rally at the end restored some dignity.
While Scotland will be nervous of repeating their previous ignominious performance, at least Vogts’ men will have their supporters behind them.
Ulysses is a terrible novel and deserves to die an ignominious death.
Council sporting officials thought children could be psychologically damaged by the trauma of anignominious drubbing at the hands of more gifted players.
Books, in fact, provide some of the best examples of this ignominious protectionist tendency in Irish history, North and South.
However it has not been plain sailing for the American since his arrival at Meadowbank last month in wake of the Scots’ ignominious start to the BBL season.
This tradition was unduly neglected for decades, especially after what was seen as its ignominiousdefeat in the later Imperial period.
Impressively, in a short time you succeeded where Soviet peace efforts struggled for ten years before giving up in ignominious failure.
Why then has the Nice treaty ratification ended in such ignominious defeat?
In this instance, as with many others, the outrage was more than justified by the dismal result – Stallone’s remake was swept ignominiously under the carpet and should be heading straight for a video store near you very soon.
The ‘worst’ version occupied most of the 87 minutes as the holders struggled, at times ignominiously, to keep the Division 2 challengers at bay.
When it comes to sheer sports ignominiousness , this year was what we thought it would be: the absolute worst yet.
When McArthur was, somewhat ignominiously , booted out of south-east Asia during world war two, his parting shot was ‘I’ll be back.’
Still, it could be worse: as I wheel my bike ignominiously towards passport control, I find some consolation in the fact that my panniers are still firmly attached to my bike, and that there isn’t a Winnebago in sight..
There were stories of the glorious Silver Armada being lost at sea, of the galleons loaded with silver and gold for the Empire’s coffers having been sunk ignominiously , and of disastrous defeats on land.



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