Terjemahan dari hapless
poor, hapless, wretched, unlucky, bad, dismal
Definisi hapless
(especially of a person) unfortunate.
if you’re one of the many hapless car buyers who’ve been shafted
sinonim: unfortunate, unlucky, luckless, out of luck, ill-starred, ill-fated, jinxed, cursed, doomed, unhappy, forlorn, wretched, miserable, woebegone, down on one’s luck, star-crossed
  • unfortunate, unlucky, luckless, out of luck, ill-starred, ill-fated, jinxed, cursed, doomed,unhappy, forlorn, wretched, miserable, woebegone, down on one’s luck, star-crossed
  • pathetic, pitiable, pitiful, miserable, poor, wretched, piteous
Some went as far as singing besura love songs outside the hapless girl’s house.
It is not merely hapless tourists that are suffering in this unstable climate.
Remember what Antoine de Boursin did to the hapless employees at Bunsen Burners International?
The hapless travellers have to part with at least two to three rupees more for want of change.
To be fair to the hapless reporter, I think he was rather embarrassed about this assignment.
She refuses, saying she needs to stay with her rather hapless boyfriend.
He would then regale his hapless customers with stories of his own daring deeds.
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman star as two hapless criminals who embark on a land rush on the western frontier.
How much compensation was offered to the poor hapless farmers is not a state secret.
This is the kind of inspired initiative that might have saved hapless Henry but what flag would he have proposed we wave?
A few will have headliner status thrust upon them, as has happened with the hapless Aaron Barschak.
Then when we got there a swarm of locust like marketeers engulfed our hapless family.
Jeffrey is pretty hapless , and a very funny spoof of an irritating circuit queen.
Such marriages do not last longer than a year and then the hapless girls return with a child.
After all, failure to do so could leave them as hapless bystanders in a game of musical chairs which may be nearing its climax.
The hapless Sailor briefly stopped the onslaught when he scored three minutes later, but to no avail.
What about his grotesque decision to psychoanalyse his own daughter, the hapless Anna?
It’s unfair to blame the hapless candidate, of course, for her party’s shortcomings.
Speer is no hapless victim caught in sadistic forces beyond his control.
For the professor, taking care of these hapless children has remained a life long passion.
Anderson was also behind many of the raids on Dundee’s goal, and it was to his credit that, despite Aberdeen’s early haplessness at the back, that they were still threatening at the other end.
The player then haplessly wanders the mazelike hallways, which are populated with perky yet zombielike interns who are all utterly incapable of telling him or her where an exit is located.
Anger shone through, Thom didn’t even bother re-writing the lyrics for ‘Go to Sleep’, they appear as he penned them – haplessness dipped in blood.
However, there is also at least an equal number, certainly among Tory councillors, who believe his sell-by date was passed long ago and that he should be removed from the selection shelf, something hehaplessly confirms himself.
But they simultaneously helped to elevate the intellectual tone of the early stages of the primary season and to provide inadvertent entertainment through the haplessness of their candidacies.
Dealing with conflicting interests makes it into a mass of nervous ticks, quirks and foibles, lurchinghaplessly hither and yon in an anxious sweat, shouting ‘Like me!’
But this surface haplessness belied an extremely successful money operation and a secret weapon: his debating skill.
The chaos of the film is summed up by the situation the writer of the screenplay (played with brillianthaplessness by Phillip Seymour Hoffman) finds himself in.
From the costumes of the patrons and the protestors to the ersatz Mariachi band (presumably a tip of the hat to Kahlo) strumming haplessly to patrons within the fenced in compound, costumes were the flavour of the night.
AMONG SERIOUS kayakers, the very words ‘sit-on-top kayak’ elicit visions of tourists haplesslypaddling rental boats in dismal circles on man-made lakes.




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