Terjemahan dari felicitous
sangat tepat
sangat baik
fine, felicitous, tiptop, dandy, nailing, superfine
yg pd tempatnya
righteous, felicitous, pointful
yg menguntungkan
propitious, lucrative, profitable, trine, gainful, felicitous
Definisi felicitous
well chosen or suited to the circumstances.
a felicitous phrase
sinonim: apt, well-chosen, fitting, suitable, appropriate, apposite, pertinent, germane, relevant
  • apt, well-chosen, fitting, suitable, appropriate, apposite, pertinent, germane, relevant
  • favorable, advantageous, good, pleasing
  • happy
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Contoh felicitious
While there are glimpses of felicitous dialogue, there is no chemistry between these two characters to distract from the play’s weak dramatic structure.
To adapt Benedict Anderson’s felicitous phrase, hockey is one cultural activity through which Canadians are often said to imagine their community.
A felicitous mix of fun and entertainment it was.
But his felicitous use of idiom gives no clue of this.
Conceptually that was quite accurate, even if it was not the most felicitous choice of words.
However, grimly amusing as this spectacle is, the political reality behind these appointments may be less felicitous .
Or, to use the felicitous phrase of the late Northrop Frye, everything in the Scriptures is self-referential.
Perhaps, then, we should concede that a better word, a more felicitous description, would have been merely ‘dubious’.
If one were to consider the inputs from the existing school system into a child’s scientific thinking,felicitous use of language, competence to search for information and to work out solutions, one would find them too little and too late.
I have always felt that I manifest a felicitous combination of his compassion and her boundaries.
They rely heavily on felicitous coincidence for the plots, and the character development is cartoonish.
This makes it a happy hunting ground for anyone with the felicitous habit of looking at the lighter side of life.
Despite the messiness inherent in natural systems, evolution has produced ‘machines of extreme perfection,’ to use Darwin’s felicitous phrase.
Finally, there remains the option of teaching taste – of training the bureaucracy in a felicitous mode of embodied expression and educating the polity to appreciate and respond to it.
Perhaps because Thérèse stands, to borrow Oscar Wilde’s felicitous phrase (which he applied to himself), in symbolic relation to the culture of her age.
Has there ever been an economist with a more felicitous turn of phrase?
This gives the writer some of his most felicitous moments as he considers a series of eccentric individualists who gave their lives to the weather.
Well-known as a felicitous writer of amusing features, he was just hitting his stride as a serious and ambitious chronicler of the political convulsions seizing the Islamic world.
The felicitousness of a literary utterance might thus involve its relation to the conventions of a genre.
The scope and content of judicial review involves, at its core, an issue of what Chief Justice Gleeson has felicitously called ‘judicial legitimacy’.
Forest and tundra are spaced so felicitously that, in fact, one can set up camp in either place without having to hike too far or too little on any given day.
The author has a sharp eye for a colourful image, felicitously conveying this with economy and engagement.
The city is boisterous, its natives felicitously facetious, its commerce flourishing.
It seems to be one of those pleasingly happy endings to a story that might have turned out far lessfelicitously , for although he may now be the benevolent patriarch, Gabriel has led a famously complicated personal life.



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