Terjemahan dari complacent
polite, courteous, decent, respectful, genteel, complacent
puas akan diri sendiri
smug, coxcombical, complacent, self-complacent, self-contented, self-righteous
satisfied, complacent
sopan santun
polite, courteous, mannerly, graceful, urbane, complacent
Definisi complacent
showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements.
you can’t afford to be complacent about security
sinonim: smug, self-satisfied, self-congratulatory, self-regarding, conceited, gloating, triumphant, proud, pleased, satisfied, content, contented
  • smug, self-satisfied, self-congratulatory, self-regarding, conceited, gloating, triumphant, proud,pleased, satisfied, content, contented
  • self-satisfied, self-complacent
With 66 deaths on our roads every week, none of us can afford to be complacent .
You only get one life, and if all you ever do with it is grow rich or complacent or comfortable or proud then you might as well not have lived at all.
But the superintendent is not complacent and is keen to reassure people there is still work to be done.
His duty is to arouse the sleeper, to shake the complacent pillars of the world.
However, residents have been warned they cannot afford to be complacent .
In all of this praise, however, there is a severe danger that we might become complacent .
Trying different things keeps you alive and stops you being complacent .
The second was made up of complacent industries relying on politicians and bureaucrats to protect them.
I had been complacent , even blasé, about someone who was really important to me.
While this lead will shrink before polling day, you might think he’d be a tad complacent .
It is always wise to guard against adopting a complacent or smug attitude in life as one ages.
There are many actions that companies can take to give staff a sense of security without making themcomplacent .
Most of the time he simply can’t be bothered with it because he truly is lazy and complacent .
Nothing is 100 percent safe and nobody should be complacent at a cash machine.
The novelty of them has worn off and no team will again head north with the complacent attitude of an easy win and a night in Edinburgh.
As the minister for justice he was obviously very complacent about the letter sent to him by the fingerprint expert.
However, he is not being complacent and has already started training hard.
I am very happy with the figures but I am aware we cannot become complacent .
Why are so few people scandalised by the timorous, seemingly complacent , way that the police behaved?
Plus, decades of access to cheap oil has made us lazy and complacent about energy.
Your editorial complacently endorsed the notion of matching the European Union average on health spending.
The guys who run the companies now are sheep complacently chewing on their dollar bills.
Are my followers and I supposed to sit there tomorrow and eat our turkey complacently while this persecution is occurring?
They have not done that by sitting back complacently .
But later that day I went down to the pond to find the mother duck sitting complacently on the water while 12 little ducklings were shuttling about around her.
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