Terjemahan dari ardent
passionate, enthusiastic, skittish, zippy, keen, ardent
sangat rajin
torrid, lustful, libidinous, passionate, ardent, animal
yg bernafsu
passionate, ardent, heated, torrid
Definisi ardent
enthusiastic or passionate.
an ardent baseball fan
sinonim: passionate, fervent, zealous, fervid, wholehearted, vehement, intense, fierce, fiery, enthusiastic, keen, eager, avid, committed, dedicated, perfervid
  • passionate, fervent, zealous, fervid, wholehearted, vehement, intense, fierce, fiery,enthusiastic, keen, eager, avid, committed, dedicated, perfervid
  • perfervid, torrid, fiery, fervent, fervid, impassioned
  • warm
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Since then, he has developed an ardent passion for the instrument.
The council has been an ardent supporter of the scheme, which it says is essential to resolve some of the resort’s economic problems.
Among Southeast Asian countries, Singapore has been an ardent supporter of free trade.
Fusion’s most ardent enthusiasts believe that a viable power plant is 30 years away.
So the horse’s ardent supporters will be able to chart their hero’s progress towards another century.
Willie is among Mayo’s most ardent supporters and is a regular at all National Football League and championship games.
Peggy was an ardent supporter of the local St. Kevin’s club and liked to see her county doing well.
Hence it was that a certain devout soul compared the heart of Jesus to a burning furnace in which He voluntarily suffered from the ardent flames of Divine love.
He was a leading and ardent enthusiast for the very inward investment that he now equally enthusiastically disclaims.
Bulgarians are tolerant of other religions but are ardent supporters of Orthodoxy.
Clef, a resident of Kowdiyar in the city, hails from a family which has an ardent passion for music.
Veronica is an ardent supporter of community action in the parishes of Kilfian and Moygownagh.
The ardent flames raged ceaselessly for days, crumbling Troy into dust and so after years of bitterness, strife and wars the Greek had finally defeated the Trojans.
He has never played rugby, but is an ardent fan and a supporter of the game.
The fire had died to a steady ardent glow.
He took a keen interest in sport and was an ardent supporter of Mayo.
It is my ardent desire that I will be able to render similar voluntary services in the future.
I am sometimes critical and sometimes an ardent supporter of the press gallery.
Though the policy has some ardent Republican supporters, the impetus all comes from him.
It’s a long, long listen that delivers very few rewards for anyone except the most ardent techno enthusiast.
Your ardent and enthusiastic manner finds favour and could propel you to success.
Tom was expected to poll well but the size of his vote took even his most ardent supporters by surprise.
Their passion is not as ardent , but it is somehow deeper and more mature than when they first met.
Despite inclement weather it was heart warming to see a huge crowd of music buffs outside the crowded hall, ardently keeping time.
For 20 years, social critic Wendy Kaminer has eloquently and ardently defended civil liberties.
He had not heard about the recent government crackdown, but ardently supported the move.
He now campaigns ardently for parent’s rights.
What we find curious is why they ardently presume that every unsolved puzzle will definitely be solved through a materialistic explanation.



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