Terjemahan dari anguish
suffering, anguish, affliction, hardship
kesedihan yg mendalam
penderitaan yg berat
suffer, endure, anguish, sustain, labor, meet
Definisi anguish
severe mental or physical pain or suffering.
she shut her eyes in anguish
sinonim: agony, pain, torment, torture, suffering, distress, angst, misery, sorrow, grief, heartache, desolation, despair, dolor
be extremely distressed about something.
he anguished over how to reply
  • agony, pain, torment, torture, suffering, distress, angst, misery, sorrow, grief, heartache,desolation, despair, dolor
  • torment, torture
  • pain, hurt
Rumor infiltrates the camp and Euryalus’ mother cries out in anguish at the death of her son.
she shut her eyes in anguish
He says the trauma of that day continues to haunt him and has caused him severe mental anguish .
Courts have rejected the claims of people who tried to recover damages for pain and suffering and for mental anguish .
I am appealing to all mums and dads, please sit your children down and explain what distress andanguish they cause with their pranks.
The film depicts how physical and mental anguish can distort our view of reality.
I cried in anguish , but I had to return to my school, a broken but wiser man.
He was unable to speak from exhaustion, physical pain and mental anguish .
I’m glad he no longer has to suffer not only the physical agony but also the mental anguish of rejecting this new world.
I had to bite down on my lip and close my eyes for a moment to keep myself from crying out inanguish .
But if something had happened to me while I was there, I wouldn’t have wanted the world to gnash its teeth in anguish and despair over me.
But when it takes literally years for a full inquest to be staged, families say the pain and anguish they suffer becomes that much worse.
But deep down I felt for him because the pain and anguish he and his family went through was immense.
Wit changes to anguish to make up a very absorbing narrative.
My ankle began to throb and I cried out in anguish .
And when I woke up today, I found a lot of the despair and anguish I had been feeling lately had left me.
She tried to get up but the stinging pain on her back caused her to cry out in anguish .
I was in anguish , feeling the pain of my neighbours who had lost relatives.
Her face was set in anguish ; eyes squeezed shut, her mouth twisted in sorrow.
He dropped to his knees and gathered up handfuls of dust and smeared them on his forehead and chest, crying aloud in anguish .
Alexander cried out in anguish , but was unable to move away from a final blow.
Philip gave a cry of anguish
Philip gave a cry of anguish
she shut her eyes in anguish
Christian is anguished when he loses the money and he has to admit that half of the money belongs to Clym.
A firefighter and fire technician with Parks Canada, Taylor uses his unique perspective to capture in anguishing detail the awesome force that is a forest fire.
How anguishing this book must have been to an individual so committed to protecting patients.
It had been precisely five long years since the day they passed away and as much as it anguished her to do so, Callie couldn’t bring herself to not acknowledge that.
Kornfeld is also strongly attracted to the idea of a free soul and is anguished by the fact that men are ‘burdened’ by being ‘chained’ to their souls.
He is anguished to see that it is his mother who is moaning.



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