fixed, permanent, regular, constant, steady, adamant

strong, sturdy, firm, solid, staunch, adamant

firm, unwavering, resolute, unswerving, dependable, adamant

yg tak berubah
unvarying, unspoiled, unchanged, unspoilt, stable, adamant
yg tdk mau menyerah
indomitable, adamant


  • The mast has been shown to adhere to safe radiation levels but Ryan is adamant that it gives him headaches and dizzy spells.
  • But the peace protesters were adamant that civil disobedience was the only course of action left to them.
  • However, Maria is adamant that gender has never been an issue in her career.
  • As for the magical metal, asiceton, it sounds like adamant .
  • The port authority has been adamant that a split train unloading system was not an option.
  • The group is adamant that these protests will continue until the club is closed.
  • College authorities are adamant that the issue has been dealt with.
  • He is adamant that he will never marry again and guards his new-found freedom fiercely.
  • But he is adamant that there is not a word of truth in any of these stories, and that, for the time being at least, he is here to stay.
  • At the time, they were adamant that women were queuing up for copies.
  • Andrew was adamant that his son would not suffer the horrors he had.
  • When I started this site, I was adamant that no personal details of my life would find their way on to these pages.
  • The biotech companies remain adamant that they will not foot the bill, and that it is a matter for insurance by farmers.
  • The calls stopped abruptly that weekend, but Frisk is adamant that his decision is final.
  • They were adamant that they would not allow the council to carry out work on the house nor the family to take up residence.
  • Many of them, I am afraid, are simply adamant in their views and are not interested in the evidence.
    However, the spokesman was adamant that the nursery had not been forced out of the church hall by rent increases.
  • She’s adamant that she’ll begin an indefinite hunger strike once she reaches jail.
  • We tried to persuade them to let us show the film at Edinburgh, but Venice’s new director was adamant that we couldn’t.
  • Sampson is adamant in her belief that language requirements for admission should be stricter.
  • Findlay is no less adamant when it comes to future funding for the company.
  • As my adamance waned, I began to notice more evidence that gender did seem to matter – at least some of the time.
  • His entire statement had been quietly but firmly said in a state of shame and sadness, but this last line was full of adamancy .
  • Others argue with equal adamance that abortion constitutes the unwarranted taking of human life.
  • In 1997 the perception was that business adamantly opposed doing anything about climate change.
  • The adamance of Aishwarya Rai and the commitment of Ajay Devgan to return her to love make some classy sequences in the second half.
  • This administration has refused adamantly and consistently to enforce our trade laws and treaties.
  • Still, the opposition expressed this week has a heightened level of adamance .
  • And he believes adamantly that options should be expensed in financial statements.
  • He refused to let anyone adapt his novels for the screen; and I think his adamance at this made a lot of sense.



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