The Campaign For Forest Conservation

Scientists, environmentalists and government planners know about the importance of tropical forests, but the average person is generally unaware of the serious implications of forest destruction. Tropical forests are the oldest and most diverse ecosystem on earth: they regulate the climate, ensure a constant supply of fresh water to lowland farms, and provide us with food, fuel, fibres, building materials and medicines. They are an impostant source of food in parts of the world where rapidly increasing populations are putting pressure on slim resources.

The forest is also important ecologically. Destroying it will result in soil erosion, landslide and degradation of valuable farm land. It will reduce productivity of river fisheries.

In addition, the genetic security of many crops depends on the survival of the forest. Tropical forest provide rubber, cocoa, numerous pharmaceuticals, dyes and tanning agents. They also supply oils used in floor polishes and cosmetics; spices such as chilli and vanilla, and useful materials such as rattan, cane, dan bamboo. Tropical forests contain about half of the world’s estimated ten milliom species of plants, yet less than one percent have been studied for their possible benefits to mankind.

For all those reasons, the State Minister of Develeopment, Supervision and Environment has consistently been trying to halt the process of erosion in Indonesia. Through the medium of television he keeps on asking our people to stop destroying trees and forests. He says that the excessive felling of trees and the reckless opening up of tropical rain forests will only speed up the destruction of the entire country.

campaign kampanye
conservation pelestarian
environmentalist ahli lingkungan hidup
planner perencana
to be aware of menyadari
to be unaware of tidak menyadari
implication hal yang tersimpul
destruction penghancuran
diverse bermacam-macam
ecosystem ekosistem
to ensure menjamin
fibre serat
degradation kemerosotan
to put pressure on mengadakan tekanan terhadap
slim resources sumber yang tak memadai
genetic hal yang berhubungan dengan keturunan
 felling penebangan
security keamanan
numerous banyak
pharmaceutical obat-obatan
dyes bahan pewarna
tanning agent bahan penyamak
chilli lombok
estimated diperkirakan
spices bumbu-bumbu
mankind umat manusia
consistently terus menerus
to halt menghentikan
excessive terlalu banyak
reckless sembrono, nekad
opening up pembukaan
landslide tanah longsor
productivity produktivitas, daya produksi
to speed up membercepat



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