Discourse Marker – Kata-Kata Penghubung Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Bahasa Inggris ternyata memiliki banyak kata penghubung yang menhubungkan satu kalimat dengan kalimat lainnya, antara lain :


Alcohol is water soluble, hence the reason why you go to the toilet so many times when you’re out on the tiles.


  • we’re losing money and, therefore, costs must be reduced
  • your mark was 60% and, therefore, you passed
  • Anyone who tries to hold them to account, therefore , is held to be a bigot or racist.
  • we’re losing money and, therefore, costs must be reduced
  • It was, therefore, the first part of that country to have contacts with the outside world.


  • We are more individualised than ever before, and consequently less social.


  • Certainly, readers will be less interested and editors will act accordingly
  • The basic message is that all fleet managers need to evaluate their own circumstances and act accordingly .
  • Thus, the manager is able to size up the situation instantly and act accordingly .

because of this


  • I am neither a scholar nor a critic of literature – nor am I a student thereof, save by aspiration.
  • the member state or a part thereof.
  • We can also try to be more honest about our contribution, or lack thereof
  • The forensic evidence – or lack thereof – also proved to be a major stumbling block.

in consequence




due to


notwithstanding that


in spite of

in spite of the fact that

  • When they arrived at Malaga it was hot, in spite of the fact that it was only the end of April.




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