Jemma’s tale is an extraordinary adventure sprawling with life and overflowing with richly realize characters. Her adoring stepmother, Phoebe, and Phoebe’s cruel and lustful husband, Amos. Milly, the devoted servant who would do anything to preserve Jemma’s happiness. The dashingly handsome Englishman, Garth Winter, who overnight, transformed Jemma from a girl to a woman. And England’s most eligible bachelor, Lord Peter Ramsdale.

Lord Ramsdale wed her, made her the reigning queen of Mayfair society, but could not give Jemma the love she so desperately needed. Until the night Jemma discovered his terrible secret – and changed her life forever.

Jemma was on fire, in the grip of emotions she did not understand. Her body had a will of its own.

“Please,” she begged. “Please, I don’t understand… ”

Garth kissed her to silence, but he knew a moment’s guilt. Was it possible the girl was a virgin? Every response belied the idea. But he could wait no longer, and murmured, ” I will teach you joys you never knew existed… ”

Jemma, an unforgettable heroine in an unforgetable novel, alive wih romance an intrigue. A glittering Cinderela story set against the changed historical backgroungs of Lincoln’s America, Victoria’s England, and the France of Napoleon III.



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