We certainly are very familiar with the time counts that we use every day. 1 year consists of 365 12 months, 1 month consists of 30 days, 1 day consists of 24 hours. 1 year is 1 earth period around the sun. Earth and 11 other planets move around the sun as the center of the galaxy. During this time we may never realize and discuss that our Milky Way galaxy is moving around the center of the universe. Even at school, we might never discuss, what is the central name of the universe itself? Because I did not find his name in the books of Natural Sciences, I just use the Arkythirema novel term, the center of this universe is called ZAANURA.

ORIGOM means that is the calculation of galaxy rotation. ORIGOM is a star that is used as a benchmark for calculating the rotation of the LAGRAVEN Galaxy calendar (Milky Way Galaxy) where this calculation is carried out from every rotation of stars in the galaxy. ORIGOM stars do not have planets like the solar system and ORIGOM stars are not discussed in magnitude but are seen from its revolution. All galaxies including the LAGRAVEN Galaxy (Milky Way Galaxy) spin from right to left.

For now, 1 ORIGOM or one period of galactic rotation is 5,125 years 236 days, this time is further increased, in accordance with the theory of cosmic expansion which says that the universe continues to expand in size. Now the LAGRAVEN Galaxy (Milky Way Galaxy) is around 435 ORIGOM since December 21, 2012. So what happened on December 21, 2012, is Reset ORIGOM which is back to time 0 which means the number of years in ORIGOM has finished, and after that, it starts again from 0. Calculation of 1 OROGOM always changes because the LAGRAVEN Galaxy (the Milky Way Galaxy) is still expanding.

ORIGOM stars are used as a benchmark because their revolutions to galaxies are faster than others. ORIGOM stars are not one, but around 5-6 form a certain formation, but the formation is not a straight line. This unit of calculation is also used by the nation of TARX, MOSRAM, ZNEZNELA, BROPA and is an inter-galaxy language used by the TARX, MOSRAM, ZNEZNELA, and BROPA nations. The trail of relics regarding ORIGOM can be seen in Maya culture which was given a leak by the MOSRAM nation. The Mayan calendar calculation uses ORIGOM Stars which are located closest to the center of the galaxy, while the above calculations use the farthest ORIGOM Stars. ORIGOM stars are actually able to be seen by telescopes today. Because telescopes can reach other galaxies. Whereas ORIGOM Stars are still in the LAGRAVEN (Milky Way Galaxy).


In Indonesia, there is a site called the PADRANG Mountain Site, which is the central tower of ORIGOM calculation information and predictions of natural disasters that are older than the Mayan Calendar. Around the area of Gunung PADRANG, there are about 5 rectangular pyramids where the pyramid of Mount PADRANG site is in the middle. The four pyramids are actually a transmitter that sends a signal located in the middle such that it forms a pyramid, then the signal is fired up towards Bintang ORIGOM.

The most recent ORIGOM change occurred on December 21, 2012. Our galaxy rotates from right to left.

Besides that, under Mount PADRANG there is ORIGOM sand that can absorb water and can feel vibrations in the earth, so it can detect the arrival of disasters. The mechanism for disaster detection is that water flowing in the generator inside the pyramid is pulled up by ORIGOM sand and then processed by the data. The nature of the water flowing is unbroken and will be connected to the entire flow of water in ARDH GRUMMA (Planet Earth). The function of water is the media to propagate information from all parts of the world, through the network of underground rivers. The information contained in this water is then transferred to the PADRANG pyramid with the ORIGOM sand mechanism. Sand ORIGOM is surrounded by special rocks. So this is the rock that is referred to as the generator, then the stones arranged like a ball function as the transmitter. Thus, the rocks in the PADRANG Mountain complex “connect” the earth’s body with ORIGOM’s “space signal”. The waves are like LEMURIAN writing, which is a combination of transversal and longitudinal which is a common pattern throughout the universe, which is also like a strand of DNA and hence, in harmony with the human body.

The technical detection of ORIGOM at the Gunung PADRANG site is as follows:

When a signal from the mechanism inside Gunung PADRANG’s stomach starts to penetrate through the atmosphere and bounces towards ORIGOM star, an operator called KHULNAKA will be able to translate holographic images of astrology, so that they can determine what to do for planting every year to maintain balance nature, also detects disaster. The ability of a KHULNAKA can be more sophisticated than the Hubble Telescope because it has the ability to detect disasters early with reflections from ORIGOM RAY or ORIGOM Starlight. Or in other words, it can capture various kinds of phenomena surrounding the LAGRAVEN Galaxy (Milky Way Galaxy).

Mayan Origom Calculation

Mayan, ancient Sundanese, Dayak, ancient Egypt, all use ORIGOM galaxy calculations. The ORIGOM calculation is very accurate. Previous nations can count the time of planting up to a matter of days. This ORIGOM calculation is omitted. Including the Antikythera Mechanism was destroyed. So that people today are blind, don’t know that the past is modern. We finally believe that the past is primitive. There is a lot of evidence that states the past is modern. In fact, we are currently primitive.