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Bigots Get Publicity

Today, the blatant bigot, the leader of a lunatic fringe, and the hate monger, each with his tiny entourage, find it relatively easy to attract publicity. Newspapers give space to the virulent activities of those agitators on the grounds that they are newsworthy. T.V. producers and radio executives, seeking for sensationalism, often extend a welcome to such controversial characters. “Yes,” said the host of one such program, “we invite bigot, but it is only for the purpose of making them look ridiculous by displaying their inane policies to the public.” Some civic-minded organizations have answered, however, the hosts are not always equipped to demolish those guests, and even if they were, the audience would still be exposed to the venom they spew forth.

  • Blatant – jelas sekali, menyokok, terang-terangan
  • Bigot – orang fanatik
  • lunatic – orang gila
  • fringe – pinggiran
  • hate monger – penganjur kebencian, pemfitnah
  • entourage – rombongan, para pengiring
  • virulent – jahat, membinasakan
  • agitator – penghasut, pemfitnah
  • newsworthy – patut dijadikan berita
  • ridiculous – konyol
  • inane – bodoh, tolol, tidak berarti
  • demolish – menghancurkan
  • venom – bisa, kedengkian
  • spew forth – menyemburkan ke depan



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