No Relief

The normally phlegmatic Jerry Hart was deeply upset. Twenty-four hours had passed without result, and even if the rabies could not be corroborated, Jerry was determined to see that his son received the vaccine. At the suggestion of some friends, he organized a comprehensive search party, zealously fanyning out in circles around the supermarket. They knocked on every door, inspected ever dog, and came back empty-handed. Although the Hart were sick with worry (they had to be coerced into going to sleep), little Bobby seemed to be in great spirits. The excruciating vigil continued.

  • phlegmatic- apatis, bersikap dingin
  • corroborated- dibenarkan, dipertegas, disokong
  • zealously- dengan rajin/tekun
  • fan out – mengipasi keluar
  • coerce – memaksa
  • excruciating – menyiksa
  • vigil – berjaga-jaga



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