Jokowi declares victory, Prabowo won’t concede defeat

Presidential frontrunner Joko “Jokowi” Widodo delivered a victory speech on Wednesday evening before thousands of supporters at the historical Proclamation Monument in Central Jakarta, where the founding fathers declared Indonesia’s independence.,

  • frontrunner – pelopor

In his speech, Jokowi said that winning the presidential election meant he would serve the people, take care of people’s interests and move all components to achieve prosperity and justice.

“I want to assert, that this victory is not the victory of Jokowi-JK [Jusuf Kalla], not the parties’ victory, nor the victory of the success team. This is the victory of the entire Indonesian people. Once again dear all, this is the victory of the whole Indonesian population!” he said.

“Now our obligation is to guard today’s election outcome until it becomes the official result of the KPU. We must guard it and make sure that vote counting at the KPU proceeds properly, cleanly and without any intervention from any party. I call on all parties not to try to tarnish the sincere aspiration of the people of Indonesia in today’s ballot.”

  • assert – menegaskan
  • tarnish – menodai
  • sincere – tulus
  • ballot – suara
  • fiery – berapi-api
  • misleading – menyesatkan
  • tally – perhitungan

Several hours after Jokowi’s speech, rival Prabowo Subianto took the stage inside the ballroom of the Bidakara building in South Jakarta to deliver a fiery speech in which he instructed his supporters not to believe quick counts that were not financed by his team.

“It is not over. We should respect the KPU [General Elections Commission]. The battle is not over. We should ensure that the KPU is not influenced by circulating quick counts that are misleading,” said Prabowo.

The KPU is scheduled to officially announce the tally between July 20 and 22.

“I ask my supporters to remain calm. But we should not be deterred from responding to insults. We can be firm on that,” he said.

Previously in the house of his late father Soemitro Djojohadikoesoemo in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Prabowo and his supporters prayed in gratitude after several pollsters financed by him announced that he had won the election. (ren)

  • deter – menghalangi
  • gratitude – terima kasih
  • pollsters – pengumpul



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