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The Effects of the Escobedo Decision

After Danny Escbedo’s release from prison, hundreds of inmates began suits for their freedom on the grounds that their rights had been violated, too. Each case is being heard on its merits, and in numerous instances people who had been convicted of serious offenses have been freed because of the new standards established in the Escobedo’s case. Since getting out, Danny has not been a paragon  of virtue, according to the police. He has led a nomadic existence, drifting from job to job, and being arrested frequently. With asperity, and a few choice epithet, Danny refers to police harassment. Although the Escobedo case is a controversial one, most agree that it will inspire better police training, better law enforcement procedures, and improved scientific crime detection.

  • inmate- tahanan
  • merit- jasa, kebaikan
  • paragon- teladan
  • virtue- kebajikan
  • nomadic- pengembara
  • drifting- melayang, hanyut
  • asperity- kekasaran, kedahsyatan
  • epithet – julukan, gelar
  • harassment – kekerasan



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