Dongeng-dongeng yang beredar di Masyarakat

“Spill the tea” is a slang phrase that means to share or reveal gossip or juicy information. It originated from the expression “spill the beans,” which means to disclose a secret. So, when someone says “spill the tea,” they are asking for or sharing some interesting or scandalous information. It’s often used in a playful or gossipy context. 

  • Bakmi Gajah Mada

    Bakmi Gajah Mada, also known as Bakmi GM, is an Indonesian restaurant chain that specializes in bakmi noodle dishes. It was established in 1959 as…

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  • Ganesha Operation

    RUMOR HAS ITOn May 1, 1984, with a capital of 500 thousand Rupiah, Bob Foster and his 3 friends, Irfan Anshori, Johnson, and Kamajaya, founded…

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  • Toserba Yogya

    In 1948, Gondosasmito opened a 100-square-meter batik shop on Ahmad Yani Street 119, Bandung, with 8 employees under the name Djockja. For 24 years, the…

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