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Definisi heroine
a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
she was the heroine of a materialist generation
sinonim: brave woman, hero, woman of courage, woman of the hour, victor, winner, conqueror; star, superstar, megastar, idol, celebrity, luminary, ideal, paragon, shining example, favorite, darling, queen, celeb
  • brave woman, hero, woman of courage, woman of the hour, victor, winner, conqueror
  • star, superstar, megastar, idol, celebrity, luminary, ideal, paragon, shining example, favorite,darling, queen, celeb
  • (female) protagonist, principal (female) character, principal (female) role, main character, title character, (female) lead, lead actress, leading lady, prima donna, diva
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Like a mythological heroine who makes a terrifying journey to the underworld and returns with a valuable prize, Turke feels she has been given a gift.
Joan of Arc is a heroine in history as well as an enigma in the collective unconscious and, dimension of myth.
Probably Aristotle also disapproved of Medea as a tragic heroine , because he downgraded plots like this one that show a good person deliberately choosing evil.
My heroine – a middle-aged female detective – lives in Marchmont and is a bit of a non-conformist loner.
If by the hero of a novel means one the character not who commands the most interest but who best represents the author’s values, Dolly is the heroine .
The magician circles, chanting as she goes, faster and faster until finally our heroine trips over her own feet and lands on the floor.
Alice Lenshina died in jail, but her church survives and she is regarded as a heroine by Zambian feminists.
Kazakova’s performance made her the heroine of the Moscow Film Festival.
Draupathy, the mythical heroine is an archetype of Indian woman.
she was the heroine of a materialist generation
Characteristically, he depicts the mythic heroine at the very moment of her ravishment, when she is taken by Zeus, transformed into a shower of gold coins.
In China, the goddess Guanyin is also a heroine who dies and returns from the Underworld where she demonstrates her powers.
In a changed political climate, and with like-minded women unable to defend her publicly, a feministheroine , it turned out, was a very expendable creature.
she was a true feminist heroine
And what was funny is that my younger sister saw me a little as a heroine , she always looked to me as this free person.
And I just saw something about a new comic with a heroine called Aphrodite.
And Jane was described as a real woman, with nothing clumsy about her character and as a genuineheroine unlike today’s film stars and models.
The heroine of his Ephesian Tale, Anthia, is introduced dressed as Artemis in a procession where all can behold her beauty.
Dormant until today, the Olympic tennis stadium suddenly erupted when the Greek heroine came from a set down to gain momentum in the second session.
Set in the pre-war Old South, Mitchell wrote about the fictional life of one of literature’s and the silver screen’s most memorable heroines , Scarlett O’Hara.
In the carnage of the Bali bombings, as with the destruction of the New York World Trade Centre last year, heroes and heroines emerged.
She plays the role of one two heroines in the film, the other being Samyuktha Varma.
It is nearly always the case for our equine heroes and heroines that the end of their racing career is made public in a sparse announcement to the press.
Similarly the Greek and Roman gods were more like mythical heroes and heroines than like the omnipotent, omniscient and good God postulated in mediaeval and modern philosophy.
The latest wave of computer games looks set to feature heroines more resembling Carmen Electra or Pamela Anderson than Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
The new series is set in a world of superheroes like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and heroines like Wonder Woman don’t exist.
It’s worth bearing in mind that the fount of all female action heroines is China – not a country known for its equal treatment of the sexes.
But what happens when the idea of drawing images of womanhood on the contemporary stage is born through juxtaposition of the two ancient heroines , moulded to the necessities of the experiences of womanhood?
Chetty’s subjects are symbolic tarotlike goddesses and heroines beautifully executed in silk with elegantly visible stitching, which hang on the wall like paintings.
Anyone who still believes this myth should look to the dozens of female heroines in comic books.



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