Terjemahan dari expedient
wise, thoughtful, prudent, discreet, sensible, expedient
jalan untuk mendapatkan sesuatu
passport, expedient
tindakan yg membantu
Definisi expedient
(of an action) convenient and practical, although possibly improper or immoral.
either side could break the agreement if it were expedient to do so
sinonim: convenient, advantageous, in one’s own interests, useful, of use, beneficial, of benefit, helpful, practical, pragmatic, politic, prudent, wise, judicious, sensible
a means of attaining an end, especially one that is convenient but considered improper or immoral.
the current policy is a political expedient
sinonim: measure, means, method, stratagem, scheme, plan, move, tactic, maneuver, device, contrivance, ploy, machination, dodge
convenient, advantageous, in one’s own interests, useful, of use, beneficial, of benefit, helpful,practical, pragmatic, politic, prudent, wise, judicious, sensible
measure, means, method, stratagem, scheme, plan, move, tactic, maneuver, device,contrivance, ploy, machination, dodge
In the case of Japanese traditional arts, the vehicle of this double transformation, the expedientmeans, is regular training or practice.
The standard of care imposed under section 4 depends, fundamentally, on what is consideredexpedient and reasonable in terms of general banking practice.
For example, a two-echelon formation is the most typical and possibly the most expedient one in a given situation.
This is a very warped, although certainly expedient ‘analysis.’
There is no doubt that negotiations on this problem are possible and expedient since they would go a long way to close the gaps in the existing agreements on the limitation of strategic weapons.
We are dealing with secular humanists, and while we are on earth, what is expedient , and convenient, will pass for truth and morality.
I do not expect a reasonable or even expedient response to this question.
It could amount to point-scoring of the shallowest kind to seize upon any philosopher’s distrait comments in order to exploit what then becomes a rather too expedient relevance to a question in hand.
Policing is only practicable and therefore expedient if the court acting in that role has power to enforce its powers if disobeyed.
It seems a timely and expedient move that a number of agencies within the federation power structures started monitoring engineer preparation of the national territory.
Perhaps they are in denial that he could have been the perpetrator of such serious offences, or maybe it is politically expedient to ignore them.
But the ultimate decision as to whether it is possible and expedient to hold the elections at any given point of time must rest with the Election Commission.
It was decided that creating a new line on the south side of the river would be the most expedientmethod to effect a double-track railroad.
It is expedient to resume the practice, which existed in the not so distant past, of exchanging military specialists, scientific collectives, and major experts in the naval sphere.
Of course, in the world of broadcasting what is possible is often undone by what is profitable – or politically expedient .
What more expedient way of doing my job is there than coming out and chatting with the bands?
Such expedient measures can be made to work, but their common fault is that they are almost always too low.
Although they offer a convenient and expedient method of obtaining a handful of cash, there is a significant downside to the business.
No problem arises without them finding the most practical and expedient solution.
While it may now be considered politically expedient to ignore this eternal truth it will never go away.
Some scholars considered the ‘public interest’ standard to be an expedient gesture to make the government’s licensing powers constitutional.
Memory space is limited, so we have to use it economically, storing as little as possible and forgetting as soon as is expedient .
Yet in practice this apparently simple expedient is frequently impossible.
The latter expedient , common in North America, was much less so in England.
Clearly, the number of weapons and munitions of each type, which it is expedient to use against each possible enemy force, will be different too.
Although this is often the most expedient method of solving the problem, it has significant implications in terms of service, operation, and the quality of water delivered to the tap.
He acknowledged implicitly that there can be a difference between what is right and what is convenient, or politically expedient , or electorally popular.
We’ve got a politically expedient solution that isn’t safe.
Judges throughout the federal judiciary rely on the assistance of law clerks to ensure the smooth andexpedient administration of justice.
It may be convenient, it may be expedient , but it is not the human condition to be without beliefs.



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