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Everyone is IBRAHIM

Everyone is ‘IBRAHIM’
We are ‘IBRAHIM’

Every ‘IBRAHIM’ has ‘ISMAIL’
Each one of us has ‘ISMAIL’

Our ‘ISMAIL’ could be our ‘WEALTH’, could be our ‘STANDING’, could be our ‘TITLE’, could be our ‘EGO’

Just like IBRAHIM, we have ‘to KILL’ our ‘ISMAIL’

To make us realized, that ‘ISMAIL’ isnt ours. It isnt something that we have to strive for Above Everything, it isnt something that we loved Above Everything.

Allah SWT Commands IBRAHIM to kill-to sacrifice ‘his’ ISMAIL. Not by a means to literally KILL ISMAIL.
We don’t OWN anything, only the Almighty Rabb, Allah SWT does.
And only Allah SWT could be our ‘Above Everything’. Nothing else.

Happy Idul Adha, dear brother/sister ‘IBRAHIM’



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