Munificent artinya banyak sekali atau sangat murah hati.

Definisi munificent
(of a gift or sum of money) larger or more generous than is usual or necessary.
a munificent gesture
sinonim: generous, bountiful, openhanded, magnanimous, philanthropic, princely, handsome, lavish, liberal, charitable, big-hearted, beneficent, bounteous
generous, bountiful, openhanded, magnanimous, philanthropic, princely, handsome, lavish, liberal, charitable, big-hearted, beneficent, bounteous
unsparing, unstinting, unstinted, overgenerous, lavish
Even if a population increasingly worried about its jobs actually spends those munificent $300 and $600 checks, the money will largely go for imports.
Perhaps chief amongst these has been the creation in 1994 of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada with a munificent gift of some $10 million from the CRB Foundation to be matched by McGill University.
Who does not desire to be hospitable to his friends, generous to the poor, liberal to all, munificent to his children, and to be himself free from the carking fear which poverty creates?
For his trouble, the new chairman will receive a stipend of €15,236 annually, a drop in the ocean compared to his munificent salary at Jefferson Smurfit.
Possibly called Philip after his uncle Philip Sidney, he was a munificent patron and lifelong benefactor of the artist Van Dyck and playwright Philip Massinger.
They were munificent patrons of artists, poets and scholars.
This gave him a munificent remuneration package of €343,000 when he resigned in July.
He seems like an exceptionally considerate and munificent boy.
Admidst family, friends and fireworks, the munificent Michael swept 29-year-old Ms Murphy off her feet with a specially designed marquise cut diamond solitaire.
That position includes not only a munificent salary, but travel opportunities.
I had the choice to do something more pleasing if I had wished, and I was paid, if not munificently , at least adequately.
One of the qualities of kingship was munificence , and generosity was always an important attribute of power.
Paul Getty, junior, and Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza contributed munificently to the purchase.
Later benefactors included Charles Fairfax Murray, minor Pre-Raphaelite, scholar and picture-dealer, who anonymously and munificently donated forty-six paintings, including the pair by Lely.
But thanks to the munificence shown by philanthropists, some of these children have begun to lead a life filled with pride and joy.
The town became famous and benefited from the munificence of those it helped in the form of fine public buildings.
Roman towns were grid-planned and their character created by a combination of official Roman involvement and acts of public munificence by wealthy locals desirous of increasing their chances of attaining public office.
She became great friends with several members of the Cowley Fathers, and gave munificently towards the establishment of their monastery in Cambridge.
Hindsight indicates this apparent munificence , touted as liberalism and entrenching constitutionally supported freedom of speech, wasn’t primarily for our benefit.


Gullible artinya mudah ditipu

Definisi gullible
easily persuaded to believe something; credulous.
an attempt to persuade a gullible public to spend their money

sinonim: credulous, naive, overtrusting, overtrustful, easily deceived, easily taken in, exploitable, dupable, impressionable, unsuspecting, unsuspicious, unwary, ingenuous, innocent, inexperienced, unworldly, green, wet behind the ears, born yesterday

credulous, naive, overtrusting, overtrustful, easily deceived, easily taken in, exploitable, dupable, impressionable, unsuspecting, unsuspicious, unwary, ingenuous, innocent, inexperienced, unworldly, green, wet behind the ears, born yesterday

  • But how gullible do you have to be to believe that all these cases coming together is just coincidence?
  • He is utterly charmless and few people are gullible enough to believe him.
  • That is cynical, and I say to the Government that the public is not that gullible .
  • To have accomplished such a thing he didn’t have to merely fool a gullible public.
  • Such a defence is offered only to hoodwink the gullible , illiterate and ignorant millions.
  • Sell both paintings to gullible collectors, while the art world looks the other way.
  • There are those that believe that people who visit mediums are all gullible or plainly mistaken in their memories.
  • Then it tried to buy its way out of it with a PR campaign, and we were foolish and gullible enough to accept that.
  • Both efforts seem like cunning attempts to fob off used goods on a gullible reading public.
  • But there is no evidence which shows that juries are gullible fools, easily led by a passing headline.
  • And for every hoaxer there are a thousand gullible people willing to believe.
  • After all, there are so many gullible people who believe whatever they read!
  • He’d have to endure endless litanies about how naive and gullible he was to sign up for this trip.
  • None the less, it is gullible to believe that Italians are invulnerable.
  • Apparently, to this day, a gullible section of society believes in the existence of these British rockers.
  • How gullible we were to swallow his promise of a proper debate.
  • Are they seriously suggesting the Scottish public are totally gullible and can be so easily hoodwinked?
  • Clothing design should not be about creating pricey and snobbish brands to be foisted on a gullible public.
  • I know a few people who are new age suckers, whom I consider gullible fools because they believe anything they are told.
  • The public should not be passive and gullible on this matter but come out in support of the law.
  • The students had gullibly accepted this boiler-plate personality description as if it applied to them uniquely as individuals.
  • It is a matter of grave concern that greed and gullibility prevail upon the people, irrespective of their background, to make this recurrence a painful reality.
  • This has always been moonshine, put forward by the drinks industry and gullibly accepted by successive governments.
  • Call it greed, ignorance or gullibility , some people will always be the ‘marks’ – easy prey for the confidence tricksters.
  • Too much fun still derives from characters’ gullibility or stupidity, but the young author is trying to lift himself from farce into comedy.
  • Our ignorance and gullibility led us to this university.
  • I bit on that one and gullibly asked who was the first greatest.
  • It is a deeply dishonest book that takes advantage of the ignorance, gullibility , and derangement of its target audience.
  • You gullibly fell for the myth of liberation for all by a machine that will end up paralysing and poisoning all of us whether we use it or not.
  • At the same time, many of us gullibly believe the sea will always heal itself, that it’s so vast and self-renewing that we simply can’t kill it.

The End of an Empire

The Machiavellian Pizarro held the captured Atahualpa for ransom. He was adamant about receiving a room filled with gold to the height of a man’s shoulder. This was taken as an hyperbole at first, but Pizarro knew the gullible Incas would be munificent when it came to rescuing their sacred ruler. They did not procrastinate, and frenetic collection of gold took place. Pizarro, to whom prevarication was natural in dealing with the Incas, had no qualms about executing their ruler as soon as he had the gold. The Inca Empire was moribund, but the charisma that surrounded Atahualpa was such that, after his death, the Incas fought on tenaciously in his name for several years. Eventually, superior weapons quelled all opposition. A policy of genocide was adopted by the Spanish conquerors, and almost of these proud people died in the carnage which followed. The saga of an ancient civilization thus came to end.

A Perfidious Conqueror

The feuding between two rival sons reached its pinnacle in 1532; at that moment Francisco Pizarro came onto the scene. A native of Spain, he was sojourning in Panama when he heard of the riches to be found in that far off land. Overwhelmed with cupidity, but still a tyro when it came to wresting power and wealth from hapless people, he joined with an inveterate adventurer. They gathered a small band of mercenaries. The first two attempts failed, and Pizarro returned to Spain to request authority and money in order to conquer the West Coast of South America. Whether by sophistry and cajolery, he was given the requisite aid. With a force of 180 men, the dregs of society, he invaded Inca territory. He reached the city where the current ruler, Atahualpa, was holding court. The Incas welcomed Pizarro who, in a factitious display of friendship, heaped encomiums upon Atahualpa. Unknown to the Incas, Pizarro had brought guns which of his next act, ambushing the Incas and taking Atahualpa prisoner, will live in the history books which replete with tales of conquest.

  • feuding – permusuhan
  • pinnacle – puncak
  • sojourning – stay somewhere temporarily.
  • cupidity – keserakahan, ketamakan, greed for money or possessions.
  • tyro – orang baru/masih hijau, a beginner or novice.
  • hapless – apes, sial
  • inveterate – tertanam, tetap, meresap, having a particular habit, activity, or interest that is long-established and unlikely to change
  • mercenary – tentara bayaran
  • conquer – overcome and take control of (a place or people) by use of military force.
  • sophistry- cara berpikir yg sesat/tak masuk akal
  • cajolery – bujukan, tipuan
  • requisite – diperlukan, syarat
  • dregs – ampas, endapan
  • invaded – menyerang, melanggar
  • court – pengadilan
  • factitious – tiruan, buatan
  • heaped – menumpuk, menimbun
  • encomium – a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly.
  • ambushing – menyergap, menyerang dengan tiba-tiba

A Battle for Power

The Inca emperor derived his prodigious power and authority from the gods. The paramount god was the sun god. It was from him the ruler passed on his prerogative to rule to his most astute son. This nepotism had worked with great efficacy for centuries. The land holdings were immense, there were rich farmlands and Ilamas and alpacas for wool. Precious metals were plentiful: silver, copper, bronze, and the most sacred of all, gold. This metal resembled the sun of god whom they extolled. There was no death of idols and ornaments hammered from his gleaming metal. There was always more gold coming from the mines to replenish the supply. At the acme of his power, the Inca ruler died without naming the requisite successor. In 1493 two sons began an internecine struggle for control. For the next 40 years the empire sank into the lassitude caused by civil war.

  • derive – memperoleh, mendapatkan
  • prodigious – luar biasa, sangat banyak remarkably or impressively great in extent, size, or degree.
  • efficacy – kemanjuran, kemujaraban
  • immense – besar sekali, luar biasa
  • extolled – praise enthusiastically.
  • hammered – hit or beat (something) with a hammer or similar object.
  • replenish – mengisi kembali, menambah
  • internecine – destructive to both sides in a conflict.
  • lassitude – kelesuan, a state of physical or mental weariness; lack of energy.