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“One Who” Suffixes

Another common set of affixes are those which mean “one who” or “something that” does a certain task. For example, a teacher teaches and an artist is one who makes art. The “one who” suffixes include -er, -ar, -or, -ist, and -cian. Three closely related suffixes are -ary, -ery, and -ory, which mean “a place …

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Developing Vocabulary Skill Revolution

Many different methods have been developed over the years to help us increase the number of words we know. some have said we should read as much as we can, write down all the words we do not know, and then look them up in a dictionary. Other systems is involve writing down and memorizing …

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Roots of Mental Activity

For humans, an important part of life is our ability to think about and remember words, ideas, and experiences. The roots in this unit cover the important mental processes of thinking, believing, questioning, and remembering. Word List ment admonish menegur, menasihati comment komentar demented gila demonstrate mendemonstrasikan mental metal mention menyebutkan mindful sadar mindless tak …

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