Estranged artinya terasing

Estrange artinya menjauhkan, merenggangkan, atau menjadi asing

Beberapa Contoh Kalimat :

Eliza throws Alex and Maggie a wedding shower, which causes Maggie to reach out to her estranged father. Supergirl joins J’onn on a personal mission.

Lola’s mom alleges that her estranged husband threatened to kill her, Lola and his other children

You could become estranged from your family if you put all your time and energy into work.

Despite a restraining order, the estranged husband continued to prowl around his wife’s house, sleeping in her yard and calling her constantly by phone.

I’m estranged from my dad – we haven’t spoken since just after my mother’s funeral in 1999.

In 1998, Dr. Randolph Kelly was ordered by a Texas judge not to threaten or harm his daughter or his estranged wife.

And why would his estranged wife and son come all the way from France to do that?

Sylvia’s estranged husband Tom finds out about the twins by walking in on Sylvia’s prenatal exam.

Holmes plays sulky New Yorker April Burns, who, while her estranged family spend the day driving to visit her, frantically attempts to cook up a conciliatory Thanksgiving dinner for them all.

He is being taken to court by his estranged wife for non-payment of child maintenance for the two children.

In 1999, she obtained a restraining order against her estranged husband Simon, which limited his access to their children.

If a woman says her estranged husband molested their daughter, is she merely trying to prejudice the family court regarding custody?

If we take the road to peace with our estranged neighbour, then can we not resolve our domestic problems in a peaceful manner?

The fact that Florinda has no home, no means of supporting herself and fears her estranged family will harm her, does not make her a refugee under strict interpretation of the rules.

Worse, he is emotionally estranged from his daughter who hasn’t forgiven him for his infidelities and his disappearance from her mother’s bedside just as she drew her final breath.

Returning home after two years, Maceo Redfield learns that his estranged friend Holly Ford is a suspect in the murder of a local call girl.

Samuel L. Jackson, meanwhile, plays Doyle Gipson, a recovering alcoholic in a child custody dispute with his estranged wife.

That law was passed to help prevent estranged spouses from abducting their children.

I wouldn’t say I’m estranged from my father, but we certainly don’t see each other very often.

Three years later, waiting on their impending divorce proceeding, the estranged couple wondered what went wrong.

Talley doesn’t really want to deal with this kind of thing, but he doesn’t have much choice when the bad guys reveal that they’ve kidnapped his estranged wife and daughter.

His reasoning was that Sharon had been depressed and fearful that her estranged husband would take away her children in a custody battle.In passing we learn of an estranged wife and child.

During one of these trips, he met Fanny Obsbourne, an American, ten years his senior, with two children and an estranged husband.

By the time he died he was estranged from his father.

There he found his estranged wife and her father.

He had become estranged from friends, teachers and acquaintances.

When his daughter Josie was still an infant, his estranged wife, Jill, disappeared.

He is estranged from his Chinese father, who is the son of one of the original railroad workers who built the mountain passes with nothing more than hand tools.


Expunge artinya menghapus atau mencoret

They demanded that school officials apologize and expunge the incident from her son’s records.
But the answer to the present imperfections is in part to abolish faith schools in their entirety and expunge religion from schools, except as a topic of study.
the kind of man that could expunge an unsatisfactory incident from his memory
He’s not just trying to remove the Treaty from law, but expunge it from public consciousness altogether.
Also, any ‘questionable language’ in the songs has been expunged .
Nevertheless, there is, I’m sure, a certain catharsis involved in expunging one’s darkest secrets in those sealed little booths.
The incident could be expunged from his records as the words of a mentally unstable girl.
The usual pattern was the one-off benefit to private capital of a state asset on the cheap – with debts being expunged and subsidies being provided.
So the world has been stood on its head, historical memory has been expunged , and rationality and decency have gone into retreat across the continent of Europe.
All references to his drug use have been expunged , and he’s now a dashing old adventurer grieving over his inability to save his son’s life.
Anyway, I’m back on the cam and the imposter has been expunged .
That would help to ensure that only people who truly deserved the expungement of their convictions achieved that.
Thoughts such as those though will be expunged from the memory of the runner when he takes to the grid for this afternoon’s 500-mile race.
For somebody that’s been wrongfully convicted, there should be an automatic expungement on the record, no question about it.
Those in the book can be easily erased while the ones in the heart cannot be expunged , he said.
He is seeking expunction of the remarks made against him by the single judge.
Perhaps there needs to be some kind of commission for truth and reconciliation so the historical crimes perpetrated in its name can be expunged from the record.
This should be entirely expunged from our thinking.
If you want someone’s memory to be expunged from popular consciousness, you shouldn’t go around writing newspaper articles about them.
Funk suggests two reforms to replace expungement : First, nonviolent juvenile offenders should pay restitution to their victims instead of going to juvenile detention centers.
The concept of expungement for its own sake is simply inapplicable to a law on this subject matter.
It now expunges records of a book’s last reader after 30 days.
They were arrested and court-martialed and it wasn’t until many years later that their record was expunged .
Provisionally, they seemed to agree, provided all religious references were expunged from the script.
These individuals see the Intifada as expunging the occupation and arriving finally at independence.
Any application for expungement would be sent to the police, and they would have an opportunity to oppose the application for any of the reasons mentioned in terms of the person’s prior convictions.
Hector had expunged any reference to his health when issuing his blue copy.


Prehensile artinya yang dapat memegang

Perhatikan contoh kalimat di bawah :

Nocturnal and arboreal, they clamber up trees and hang from limbs thanks to long prehensile tails and opposable inside toes (like thumbs) on their hind feet.

This animal has a prehensile tail, which means it lives in the treetops.

Coendou and Sphiggurus are arboreal animals, with long, spineless, prehensile tails and wide foot pads.

Their prehensile tails enable them to grasp branches, especially as they climb downward, and to balance on tree branches.

The plate in the field guide shows a strange, golden-brown animal with a prehensile tail, hook-like claws and a funny snub nose.


Glitch artinya kesalahan. a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment

Simak beberapa contoh kalimat di bawah untuk lebih memahaminya

It took most of the next morning to figure out the glitch and devise a temporary fix.

However, the department has dismissed the issue as a temporary glitch and says the tagging of sheep will do a lot more for the credibility of the industry than farmers care to admit.

The one glitch of the play that I must note was the unexpected thunder at the start of the second half of the performance after intermission.

Now the beauty is that the hologram forms so tightly to your body that if someone touches the hologram it doesn’t glitch or anything.

Every now and then, there is frustration when there is a software glitch or a hardware fault, causing messages to appear on the screen in highly technical language.

They are confident it has hit a temporary glitch .

I knew there hadn’t been any of those, so it must have been a temporary glitch , right?

Many firms see the recessionary side of the current market as a temporary glitch , rather than a cause for serious concern.

her job involves troubleshooting when systems glitch

this has been the first real glitch they’ve encountered in a three months’ tour

This was a mistake, a glitch or hiccup in Lara’s life plans.

I was the unexpected glitch in everyone’s plan.

People who would love and cherish a child and because of some cosmic glitch may never get to do so.

a draft version was lost in a computer glitch

The woman in the call centre told me that the letter had been sent out by accident – a computer glitch , she told me.

A slight glitch in the real life, nothing terribly serious, just time consuming.

He hopes that will prove to have been a temporary glitch in his quest for more glory.

He also would frequently get angry when the programs would glitch and he couldn’t write what he wanted to on the screen.

This market has a unique requirement – it cannot tolerate a disruption in the data flow or the picture you’re viewing on the screen will glitch .

the only glitch in his year is failing to qualify for the Masters

As your ruler Mercury goes retrograde, you could experience an unexpected glitch .

The show is 100% sold out, and through a computer glitch in the box office, there were twenty double bookings.

It may seem obvious after shares in a glitch company have recovered, but how do investors differentiate a glitch from a problem that is more systemic within a business?

As a brief glitch this would have been irritating but excusable.

a draft version was lost in a computer glitch

Computer glitches , bad weather, a number of airline workers sick-outs all contributed to leaving thousands of flights unflown and piles of baggage unhandled.

The laboratory demonstration is related to puzzling glitches observed by astronomers in the otherwise smooth, rapid rotation of pulsars.

There are so many problems, so many glitches , so many ways with which this bill is not good even short-term policy, that we are going to have to figure out a way to address it.

The daily meeting provides you with an opportunity to ask questions and be reassured, and it provides the contractor with an opportunity to explain glitches , delays, and so on.

System overloads cause brief glitches and outages, draining the power we take for granted from our appliances and modern devices.


Crucible artinya percobaan, ujian berat, atau bisa juga berarti tempat pencarian logam, tegantung konteks kalimatnya.

Perhatikan beberapa contoh kalimat di bawah ini :

The author called these statements spiritual practice for they could only have been forged in the crucible of each woman’s daily living.

The difference is that Ulysses rejected the temptations that life’s crucible threw at him and fought to return to his beloved Penelope in Ithaca.

their relationship was forged in the crucible of war

the crucible tipped and the mould filled with liquid metal

Having made the mould, the smith took enough copper to make the object and melted it in a clay crucible .

While much of value can emerge from the crucible of heated debate, I do not believe that insulting the other participants in that debate is a necessary part of this.

But international crises such as this are a crucible in which political futures are forged.

The 5th-century BCE context nevertheless was the crucible in which the ideas and approaches of many different schools of thought were clearly formulated and established in relation to one another.

As she is at pains to point out, there was no unhappy childhood to avenge; no traumas to shove into the creative crucible .

New identities can indeed be forged, but usually in the crucible of war or at least of social upheaval: not, in the context, an inviting prospect.

It was in the crucible of the War of Independence that the nation was forged, that we can begin to talk about a Scottish nation.

Before sealing the crucible , the alkanols were manually stirred with a metal wire to facilitate the mixing of the two components.

Yet, unlike so many bright young men in England, he found in his youthful intellectual and spiritual crisis at Yale a crucible from which he emerged more committed than ever to his faith.

the crucible of the new Romantic movement

Indeed, the culture of the common people, a rapidly increasing proportion of whom were located in towns and cities, was constantly being reforged and reinvented in the crucible of commercialization and urbanization.

And what may have created him is, you know, this crucible of fame at a very early age and a tough childhood.

The crucible holder is secured to a lid of the furnace, and the furnace lid is guided along upwardly extending guide rods.

the crucible of combat

The young men and women who have been through the crucible of combat – often on repeated deployments – are hardly naive.

The glass was melted in a platinum crucible in air at 1873K for one hour, annealed, and then cut into 10 x 10 x 3-mm samples.

But let us look ahead and work together as a nation that, as I have quoted, was created in the crucibleof war, where skin and its colour was never taken into consideration but where men fought to give us our freedom.

The superheated steel is contained in a crucible located immediately above the weld joint.

When handled at the proper furnace temperature and cooled to the proper pouring temperature, the crucible is removed or the metal is tapped into a ladle.

It’s an interesting, even important film, and seems more so today, if only as a document of its time – that crucible when gender roles went up in flames, along with many marriages.

Very few of us are called upon to test our courage in the crucible of fear and hard moral choices.

I recall a lecturer in my first week at university saying we students shouldn’t be afraid of airing theories, no matter how weird or fantastical, because they should be brought into the open and tested in the crucible of debate.

We were at Greenwich Village at the time of the wonderful crucible of creative alteration of the nation.
And all you can do is make fire your friend in this crucible of change.

All of my friendships were tested in the crucible of those terrible days when we first discovered and began to deal with my daughter’s illness.

The French nation (or at least one version of it) had been forged in the crucible of revolution and war