Vigilante artinya seseorang atau sekelompok orang yang main hakim sendiri tanpa otoritas legal.

Contoh kalimat :

The men claimed to be members of a vigilante organisation but contradicted each other as to which one.

The vigilante is either a lone-wolf cop or an aggrieved private citizen.

These vigilantes are an assault on the values of Australia.

But in terms of vigilantism , where somebody goes out and takes the law into their hands beyond just reporting false information to law enforcement, we haven’t seen that.

Although the details of her release are being kept a secret, her family’s addresses are well-known to the media and any potential vigilantes .

A community of spam vigilantes constantly is improving free programs such as SpamAssassin.

In other districts, vigilantes set up roadblocks and patrolled neighbourhoods to deter thieves and looters.

It becomes clear these men are self-styled vigilantes who are attempting to intimidate the looters and take back the goods they have stolen.

Health authorities or even vigilantes ought to have shut it down years ago.

You want to take sides with the vigilantes and call them heroes.

Asked if there was a danger that standing up and being counted could lead to vigilantism, he said that he would not advocate the use of vigilantes .

Your articles were not about crime, security threats, handgun safety, drive-by shootings or vigilantism , all of which came to mind when I looked at your disturbing cover image.

Then they would not be terrorists, but vigilantes .

The thugs, vigilantes and enforcers have to end their activities – and be seen to do so.

Set in a world that saw actual costumed vigilantes appear in real life as opposed to the funny books we are treated to a view of the superhero as outcast.

First let me get the polemical point out of the way: People who complain about superhero characters’ vigilantism are being too literal-minded and missing the point.

He could have asked for something specific such as proper prosecution of the guilty and a roundup of vigilantes .

The communities around these people are not irrational vigilantes but more likely incoherent with grief.

But I don’t care if it all turns out for the short-term best – its illegal, international, vigilantism and sets a precedent that will be bitterly regretted.

Still, it was only a matter of time until someone defied the vigilantes and challenged their powers of enforcement.

Just a few months ago the run-up to such an occasion would have had the wires of Wall Street’s vigilantes humming.

A human life has been extinguished by private guards acting as vigilantes in the defense of a multimillion-dollar company.

I will also be talking with two outspoken critics of the Minuteman Project who say the minutemen are simply vigilantes .

In no way do we want people interpreting this as supporting vigilantism , but we do want the public to shun dealers.

Many were arrested by police and others were injured by unidentified vigilantes .

Themes stressed include racism, sexism, violence, vigilantism , authoritarian violence and the virtues of capitalism and imperialism.


Mayhem artinya aniaya, kekerasan, atau kerusuhan dan kekacauan

Contoh Kalimat :

The funny climax, shot against the picturesque sand dunes of Dubai, is a mix of madness and mayhem .

Rebels advanced on the capital which erupted in anarchy and mayhem as armed gangs looted and fought each other on the streets.

complete mayhem broke out

But during a troubled century, market mayhem occurred with sickening frequency.

Nothing much happens to disturb our peace and, when mayhem comes along, we find that a nice cup of tea soon puts it all in proportion.

Nothing adds up or makes sense and the plot descends into complete mayhem and rage.

Both leaders know they are not just dealing with the mayhem on the streets: they have to keep their backs covered as well.

They have issues boiling away inside and their only outlet is to cause mayhem in the streets.

It’s a slow boat ride that weaves though the darkness amidst illuminated animatronic scenes of pirate mayhem .

Those still in the city described deserted streets and mayhem in the shops as people tried to stock up on essentials.

Police say they are winning the war against violent drunks who cause mayhem in the West End of the city at weekends.

Even while behind bars they seem capable of causing maximum mayhem .

complete mayhem broke out

If there is a way to cause mayhem , death and destruction, we will find it and improve on it.

Some astute observers foresaw the emerging mayhem , but solid evidence took time to accrue.

What unfolds is a riot of comic mayhem as mistaken identity leads to uproarious farce throughout.

Lush disco arrangement and harsh synth lines collide into dancefloor mayhem .

High spirits often get out of control and lead to violence and mayhem .

But to go from the legal mayhem of rugby union to illegal violence is a small step indeed.

On two large screens there was distorted video footage of mayhem and destruction.

My husband leaves a haven of rest and order to come home to mayhem and madness.

During these times of course registration mayhem you undoubtedly curse the evil that is voice mail.


Insurrection artinya pemberontakan

Beberapa contoh kalimat :


The Maoist rebels have been waging a Marxist insurrection in Nepal for nine years to abolish the monarchy.

The insurrection swept the old government from office and could only be crushed by the might of the Russian army.

the insurrection was savagely put down

An urban insurrection in Jerusalem was followed by a general uprising of the Jewish peasantry.

opposition to the new regime led to armed insurrection

Stalin saw the organisers of the insurrection as reactionary nationalists who would stand in the way of future Soviet hegemony.

The popular insurrection gave the government a much greater mandate than any election.

An agrarian insurrection swept across the region in the 1880s.

Then there was an insurrection in which the British killed 10,000 people.

An insurrection by French resistance forces freed the city.

One sector, led by the Ministry of Education and the Mayor of Caracas, called for a popular insurrection to defend the government.

They were under the general orders of Mola and Franco, the leaders of the military insurrection that had sparked the Spanish Civil War.

the insurrection was savagely put down

In February 1917 economic strikes and food protests led by women fused into a general strike that drew the army into an insurrection .

1968 was the big year of revolt, its epicentre the student-led insurrection in Paris.

In 1920 British troops put down an insurrection in Iraq, and crushed protests and strikes in favour of independence in Egypt.

opposition to the new regime led to armed insurrection

For a short while, the police continued to insist that they had thwarted an armed insurrection .

This was possible because of the efforts of the Philippine insurrectionists , who controlled most of the island.

But with no sign of the promised agrarian reforms, landless agricultural workers joined the urban insurrectionary movement, seized the large farming estates and started developing them collectively.

Nothing frightened slave-dependent societies more than the prospect of widespread slave insurrections .

Releasing the photos at that point would have run the risk of stirring up insurrectionists and undermining the new government.

As far as the Empire was concerned, Gandhi was a troublemaker, an insurrectionist , and a traitor to the Empire.

The long-simmering anger of alienated black youth at racism and economic injustice in the ghettos was erupting into violent and destructive urban insurrections .

South Africa’s government was by that time mired in an economic crisis and faced an insurrectionary mass movement of the black working class.

However, international governing bodies can help to shed light on the relation of proper authority to revolutionary wars and political insurrections through their legitimacy-conferring function.

At this rate we could have government grants for insurrectionists .

In Germany workers played a leading part in the 1848 insurrections .

The demands for moral reform were also directed at an incomprehensible, and apparently subversive and insurrectionary , urban culture that actually intensified through attempts at repression and prohibition.

The insurrectionary municipal government sought to prevent a confrontation with the powers, but it was nevertheless committed to the unilateral abolition of the Foreign Concessions, and the threat remained.


cuddle artinya mengemong, atau memeluk dengan penuh kasih sayang


Contoh Kalimat :

The revised plans for the block have been posted in an obscure place which only the people parking their cars for a quick kiss and a cuddle will see.

Actually, what she means is that she thinks I’m a sucker for a prolonged cuddle in my dozy state.

The nannies and carers are not allowed to kiss or cuddle the children and they are not permitted to play with other kids.

She turned round, planted me a huge kiss and then gave me a cuddle .

For decades, walkers have paused for a kiss and a cuddle at the kissing gate at Bridge End, Otley.

I cuddle my baby and close my eyes, marking a moment of grace.

I just thought it was really cute that they would cuddle together like a happy little couple.

Big thanks to Beau, who doesn’t read my blog anyway, for running out each time I left his house in the weekend to give me a kiss and a cuddle , even though he was busy with stuff inside.

His long and lonely quest for vengeance began with a kiss and a cuddle from his mother and a pocketful of bread, all that he had to sustain him through an epic journey the length of Afghanistan.

A few weeks after her arrival she began to thrive because she actually had someone to cuddle her and love her now.

Be sure to pay tribute to your sweetheart with a kiss and a cuddle and a special treat.

A flight from Milan or maybe Paris arrives, and they rush up to enthusiastically kiss and cuddle a tanned young man pushing a baggage trolley.

When that time comes, I bundle her up, give her a cuddle & kiss, put her in her cot and her music on, and leave the room.

It’s easy to change the mood and stance of a French bulldog; just picking it up will engender a cuddle and kiss.

She is inclined to wrap her flippers around their legs and give them an affectionate cuddle .

He was still unmarried and although he had had brief flings with a few of the village girls none had ever amounted to more than a kiss and a cuddle .

Sure, we cuddle our babies, and fondle our new lovers, but in every relationship there comes a point when kisses are perfunctory farewells and hugs are doled out sparingly.

he just wanted a comforting kiss and a cuddle

I gave her a big kiss and a cuddle and then started getting ready for work.

She smiled at the fond feeling of his mind and cuddled in a little closer to him.

I remember her cuddles and kisses when I was a child run down with typhoid fever, while telling me over and over, ‘Mother loves you.’

And she’s always loved to be cuddled and nursed and made a fuss of by her parents.

A grunt reached Kyle’s ears, and he turned back, finding Josie cuddling closer to him, a satisfied smile on her face.

I want romance and companionship and TLC and hugs and cuddles and kisses and someone who thinks about me when they’re not with me, and misses me when we’re apart.

The star happily posed for photographs, laughed and joked with patients, thrilling some of them with kisses and cuddles .

I have a lovely picture of Natasha and her cat cuddled up together.

Quite oblivious to their presence was a pair of coyotes cuddled close together on the sand next to the cliff.

Willow woke up early, so we cuddled together on the sofa and watched Peter Pan.

He is very affectionate and loves to give and receive cuddles .

But I was dying for cuddles and kisses from my daughter, Chloe.


Swagger artinya sombong, belagu, berjalan dengan sikap sombong

Contoh Kalimat :

There is something of an arrogant swagger about Ibrahimovic.

One exchange neatly sums up the swagger of the young, high, stupid and heavily armed.

Smit slowly walked back to his chair with an arrogant swagger .

The Saints duly went marching in, although it was more of a triumphal swagger in the end, and it seemed that everyone in Paisley wanted to be in that number, which of course was one.

As he twirls again, an officer’s sword highlights the confident swagger of today’s military man about town.

More than the sum of her swagger , drawl and thousand nervous gestures, she embodies her character so seamlessly that the film’s artifice seems to disappear.

He approached McGrath with a swagger and challenged him with the question, ‘Am I not the greatest bowler you’ve ever seen?’

And with billions to spend, it gives them a certain swagger .

Their backs when pushing forward had an arrogant swagger which comes with real talent.

But while a swagger of smug certainty plays well on television, prudence might argue for an open mind and the occasional flicker of doubt.

Either because it’s the truth, or because he enjoys the macho swagger , he has said he feels sad when affairs come to an end but he insists his heart has never been broken.

Jason stepped down onto the garage floor, a confident swagger in his step.

He saw enough in Hicks to remind him of the nihilistic swagger of Bruce.

Have we got what it takes to trip the loutish swagger of the Coalition’s stormtroopers?

A goal ahead after four minutes, two up after 19, his players were coasting, and playing with the confident swagger of a team who knew it, when everything unravelled with alarming simplicity.

Our sales hero comes alone, wielding an arrogant swagger .

Episodic material consists of scales and arpeggios that enhance the music’s powerful images – ocean swells, billowing sails, even a sea captain’s swagger .

Taylor has become one of the vocal leaders of the Miami defense and shows the confident swagger of the great Hurricane defenders.

Nevertheless, he captures the music’s masculine swagger right from the very first chord.

After years of hard-earned success on Broadway, where audiences lapped up their chaotic, anything-goes approach, the brothers arrived in Hollywood with an arrogant swagger .

The new president of the company could hardly be described as a swaggerer or a posturer, and he won’t be making any idle threats about strike action.

However, it is Ejiofor’s film as he swaggers around in heels or confronts the ghosts of the past with equal aplomb.

As they mooched off, one straggler swaggering along behind the others tried to do an oh-so-cool spit onto the grass.

After a lot of tick-ticking from my bright orange watch, Tyler walked, no, swaggered over, brandishing a scrap of paper triumphantly.

It was the schoolboy’s dream, humiliating England, swaggeringly and insouciantly triumphant.

It’s not just a question of how the president walks or swaggers or how he talks.

I just can’t stand the man’s style, the way he swaggers and struts and smirks and the way he looks sly and deceitful and the way Americans can’t see it.

The way the leader swaggered around as he walked made me frown a little since I had seen people like him in almost every school I had attended.

There is no better way to relax than to watch a cat – sleeping, stretching, or swaggering along.

As he swaggers into the Citizens’ Theatre, the 24-year-old is in personal and professional rude health.