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Waiter, Please Take This Bowl of Soup Back to the Kitchen

In addition to menacing our health, cocroaches are smelly, filthy, and ugly. Upon entering a cellar which is redolent with their aroma, you are not likely to forget the odor. And when you spy the foul culprits creating havoc in your sugar bowl or in repose atop your chocolate cake, your disposition may be exacerbated. Roaches are omnivorous and will feast upon such disparate items as wallpaper, upholstery, nylon stockings, and beer. No one can accuse the hungry and thirsty bugs of being abstemious.

  • redolent- harum, berbau keras
  • culprit – pelaku kejahatan
  • havoc – widespread destruction
  • repose – a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility
  • disposition- a person’s inherent qualities of mind and character
  • exacerbate- make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse.
  • omnivorous- omnivora, makan segala macam
  • feast – berpesta
  • disparate- essentially different in kind; not allowing comparison.
  • upholstery- kain pelapis
  • abstemious – bebas dari minuman keras



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