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Victor Hugo

The epitome of Frech romantic writers in the nineteenth century was Victor Hugo. With the most utmost dexterity he wrote poetry, novels, and drama. His highly popular novels, NOTREDAME DE PARIS and LES MISERABLES, are replete with melodramatic situations and grotesque characters. He had a profound sense of social justice and a compassion for the poor, hapless and downtrodden. He could not work under the aegis of Napoleon II and fled into exile. When the repugnant rule came to an end, the expatriate returned from exile. He was received with adulation and acclaim as the idol of the Third Republic.

  • utmost – sepenuhnya, most extreme; greatest.
  • dexterity – ketangkasan, kecekatan
  • replete – filled or well-supplied with something.
  • grotesque – fantastis, aneh sekali, tidak masuk akal
  • profound – mendalam
  • downtrodden – tertindas, oppressed or treated badly by people in power.
  • aegis – perlindungan, pengawasan
  • repugnant – menjijikan, memuakkan, extremely distasteful; unacceptable.
  • acclaim – pujian, sorak tepuk tangan, enthusiastic and public praise.




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