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Trouble in Ruritania

King Andre of Ruritania was afflicted  with megalomania, and the people of his country suffered, as a result. After ten years of his profligate rule, the treasury was bankrupt, unemployment was rampant, domestic strife was mounting, and the number of the King’s opponent who were incarcerated was legion. Following a bloodless coup, his nephew, Prince Schubert, took command of the poor nation.

  • afflicted- menderita
  • megalomania- penyakit gila yg mengkhayalkan dirinya seperti orang agung
  • profligate – recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources
  • treasury- perbendaharaan
  • rampant – merajalela, tak terkendali
  • strife- percekcokan, perselisihan
  • incarcerated- dipenjara, ditahan
  • legion – banyak sekali
  • coup – kudeta



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