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To the Rescue

Back at the castle, the situation is taut with emotion. The fair maiden’s mother is livid with fear and anxiety; she has attacks of vertigo. When talk about her daughter’s audacity in riding out into the ominous forests despite many similar kidnappings. The girl’s father, a martinet who rules his family with an iron hand, staunchly refuses to pay the ransom. Iniquity shall not be rewarded! At this moment of crisis a heroic knight volunteers to rescue our heroine; he has had a pledges his all to castigate those responsible for this ignominious dead. He holds his life as a mere bagatelle against the duty he owes his beloved mistress. At the propitious moment he rides off to do or die for her.

  • fair – a beautiful woman
  • livid – marah-marah, furiously angry.
  • vertigo – pusing, jangar
  • audacity – keberanian, kelancangan
  • ominous – yg beralamat buruk/tidak menyenangkan, giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen; threatening; inauspicious.
  • martinet – orang yg keras tata tertibnya
  • staunchly – kukuh
  • iniquity – kejahatan, ketidakadilan, kelaliman, kebengisan
  • pledge – janji, ikrar
  • castigate – menghukum, mengkritik, mencela
  • ignominious – memalukan, tercela, menghinakan
  • bagatelle – sepele, tak berarti
  • propitious – tepat, baik, menguntungkan, mujur



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