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The Tempest Spills Out of the Teapot

Once the newspaper got the story, the case of the longhairs became a cause celebre. Ron and Len were interviewed, seen on T.V, and regarded by their fellow students as heroes. “These are not delinquents or hoods,” one reporter wrote, “but clean-cut American boys who are being harassed by monolithic school system.” A caustic editorial referred to the school decision as arbitrary and inane. A false story even circulated about the boys being rock-n-roll performers whose indigent families needed their salaries. Finally, the Civil Liberties Union jumped into the fray with a court order stipulating that the principal be required to show cause why the boys should not be allowed to return to class.

  • A tempest in a teapot – orang yg membesarkan masalah kecil
  • Cause celebre – a famous law case or controvery
  • Delinquent – kenakalan
  • Hood – kejahatan
  • Being harassed – ditekan
  • Monolithic – kebesaran, kekuasaan
  • indigent – miskin
  • impoverished – memiskinkan
  • poverty-stricken
  • jump into the fray – campur tangan
  • stipulate – menyatakan
  • principal – kepala sekolah



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