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The Search for the Dog (Continued)

Meanwhile, the Harts had notified the local radio station to broadcast a poignant   appeal for the dog’s owner to come forward. The station was inundated with phone calls but all leads were fruitless. From what Bobby had told them, a huge dog had leaped out from a red station wagon in the supermarket’s parking lot. After bitting Bobby it vanished. The six-year-old was too concerned with the bites he had received to see where the dog disappeared to. The boy’s story was garbled, but he did remember that the animal was gray and had a collar. There was little tangible  evidence to go on, but the police remained sanguine.

  • poignant- sedih, memilukan
  • appeal – permohonan
  • inundated- dibanjiri
  • fruitless – sia-sia
  • leap out- melempar keluar
  • concern- perhatian
  • garble- merusak isi keterangan
  • collar- kalung, ban leher
  • tangible- nyata dan jelas
  • sanguine – optimis



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