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The Pep Talk

“If there’s one thing I loathe,” the coach said, “it’s a quitter.” He had good reason to reprimand us at half-time, because the scoreboard revealed that we were losing 45-20. Our lackluster performance indicated to him that what we had forgotten the rudimentary aspects of basketball. His caustic remarks fired us up, however, and we dashed out, determined to wrest control of the game from our rivals.

  • Loathe – benci
  • Quitter – pecundang
  • Reprimand – menegur
  • Lackluster – yg tak bersemangat
  • Rudimentary – belum sempurna
  • Caustic – pedas
  • Fired us up – membakar semangat kami
  • Dashed out  – bangkit
  • Wrest  – merebut



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