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The Heroism of Dorie Miller

Men all around Miller were succumbing to the lethal spray of Japanese bullets. He dragged his captain to safety and turned back to see that the machine-gunner had been killed. Dorie took that big gun and trained it on the incoming bombers. Within the space of ten minutes he was credited with destroying four bombers while dodging the bullet of their fighter escort. The enemy scurried away, having struck the incisive blow which precipitated U.S. entrance into World War II. Amidst the dead bodies and the ruined fleet were the heroes such as Dorie Miller. The navy had told him that he did not have to fight but he hadn’t listened. The Navy had attempted to stereotype him, but Dorie changed all that.

  • succumbing – menyerah
  • lethal- mematikan
  • spray- percikan, semburan
  • dragged- menyeret, menarik
  • incoming- yang baru masuk
  • dodge- menghindari
  • escort – pengiring, pengawal
  • scurried away- bergegas pergi
  • incisive- tajam, jelas
  • precipitated – diterjunkan
  • amidst – di tengah-tengah
  • fleet – armada kapal



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