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Stymied By Personal Sickness

After an extensive lecture tour in 1956, Dr. Dooley returned to Laos to set up a mobile medical unit. Because the Geneva Agreement barred the entrance of military personnel to the country, he resigned from the navy and went to work as a civilian. That story is told in THE EDGE OF TOMORROW. Next year, despite a growing illness, the ubiquitous Dooley turned up in the remote village of Muong Sing, attempting to thwart his traditional enemies – disease, dirt, ignorance, starvation – and hoping to quell the spread of Communism. But his trained medical eye soon told him that the pain in his chest and back was a harbinger of malignant cancer.

  • extensive – luas, panjang lebar
  • set up – mendirikan
  • bar – melarang
  • entrance – pintu masuk
  • ubiquitous – di mana-mana
  • remote – terpencil
  • thwart – menggagalkan, mencegah
  • ignorance – ketidaktahuan
  • starvation – mati kelaparan
  • quell – menumpas, mengakhiri
  • harbinger – pertanda kedatangan
  • malignant – ganas



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