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Star Player is Caught

The cheating scandal come to a head when Art Krause, our football captain made the egregious misake of getting caught cheating on a midterm exam. If Art were suspended for his part in that sordid affair, our chances for winning the city championship would go up in smoke. The distraught coach asked the principal to overlook art’s duplicity, but Mr. Doseys replied in acrimonious fashion that the players had been given a plethora of athletic instruction but a paucity of moral guidance.

  • come to a head – bertambah gawat
  • egregious – mengerikan
  • suspended – ditahan, dihukum
  • go up in smoke – tidak ada hasil
  • distraught – putus asa
  • overlook – mengabaikan
  • duplicity – tipu daya
  • acrimonious – sengit
  • plethora – kebanyakan
  • paucity – kekurangan



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