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Something for everyone

To the derogatory comments from the older generation the teenagers might retort that new fashions and styles are adopted by the elders with alacrity. Though they complain, women emulate their daughters by shortening or lengthening their hems. They may appear reticent about the bother and expense of altering their wardrobe, but they give tacit when they jostle each other to buy copies of the more expensive dresses. The conclusion one might reach after observing how woman countenance the arbitrary changes year after year is that they are naive or victims of some chicanery practiced by the clothing industry. Women may appear hapless before the intimidation of “style”, but the real truth may lie in the fact that they are so docile because they secretly enjoy the yearly excitement around the latest fashions.

  • derogatory- yg menghina/merugikan orang lain
  • retort- membantah, menyangkal, menjawab dengan pedas
  • alacrity- sigap, cekatan, serta merta
  • emulate- meniru, berusaha menyamai
  • reticent- segan, pendiam, yg dapat menahan diri
  • tacit- diam-diam, yg tak dapat diucapkan, yg dipahami tanpa dikatakan
  • countenance- raut wajah
  • naive- naif, bersahaja
  • chicanery- ketidakjujuran, kelicikan, pencarian kesalahan
  • hapless- sial, apes
  • docile – jinak, patuh, penurut



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