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Solving The Servant Problem

The worlds of science-fiction abound with wonders. Yet modern technology progress so rapidly that what may be today’s wild dream may be next year’s kitchen appliance. A British scientist has prognosticated that within ten years every sub-urban matron will have her own robot servant. One task this domesticated automaton will not have to contend with will be scouring the oven because today the newest ranges can be programmed to reduce their own baked on grime to easily disposed of ashes.

  • Abound with – berlimpah, dipenuhi dengan
  • Yet – meskipun demikian
  • sub-urban – penghuni bagian pinggir kota
  • Appliance – alat, perlengkapan, perkakas
  • Prognosticate – meramalkan
  • Matron – wanita bersuami, janda, ibu asrama
  • Domesticated – jinak
  • automaton – robot
  • to contend with – untuk bersaing dengan
  • scouring – menggosok
  • ranges – jajaran, jenis-jenis
  • Baked – dipanggang
  • grime – kotoran
  • Dispose – membuang
  • Ash – debu



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