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Rule, Brittania

An unforgettable saga of World War II has to do with the small French coastal town of Dunkirk. There, in 1940, thousands of British troops made a belated escape from the awesome power of the German army and air force. They were removed by an array of private boats, from huge yachts to decrepit fishing boats. At their own volition, the skippers came close to the shore, while German planes bombed implacably. They remained imperturbable under heavy fire. When their vessels were loaded, they dashed back to England. Once unloaded, they did not vacillate, but returned with equanimity to their vigil in the danger zone. The British proved once again that they are paragons of comradeship in times of jeopardy.

  • saga- kisah, hikayat, cerita kepahlawanan
  • belated- terlambat
  • awesome- mempesona, mengagumkan
  • array- kesatuan tempur
  • decrepit- ringkih, tua sekali
  • volition- kemauan, kehendak
  • skipper- nahkoda, pengemudi
  • implacably – dgn membabi buta
  • imperturbable- tenang sekali, tak dapat diganggu
  • vessel – kapal, a ship or large boat.
  • vacillate- bimbang, terombang ambing
  • equanimity- ketenangan, kesabaran
  • paragon- suri tauladan
  • comradeship- persahabatan, persaudaraan
  • jeopardy – bahaya, resiko



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