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Patent Pending

My buddy Verne, a precocious automotive wizard, and I were inspired to do some inventing on our town. We thought it might be feasible to park a car parallel to a space on the street. Then, by pressing a button, we could raise the four tires off the ground slightly, while dropping two special wheels perpendicular to the curb. It would then be child’s play to roll into the narrowest of parking spaces. We took the idea to Ed Greene who runs the Ford agency in order to elicit his reaction. After a perfunctory glance at our plans, to our chagrin  Ed snorted that our idea was inane, but we decided that he was just jealous of our brilliance. Tomorrow we are going to start on a computer which will enable us to measure the intelligence of perverse automobile dealers who like to deride the efforts of junior geniuses.

  • precocious – dewasa sebelum waktunya
  • wizard – ahli
  • feasible – layak, dapat dilaksanakan
  • elicit – memperoleh
  • perpendicular – tegak lurus
  • curb – trotoar, pinggir jalan
  • perfunctory – acuh tak acuh, asal saja
  • chagrin – perasaan terhina/kecewa
  • snorted – mendengus
  • inane – bodoh
  • perverse – jahat, busuk, suka melawan
  • deride – mengejek



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