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Our Pyrrhic Victory

Mr. Dorsey summoned a representative group of teachers and students leaders to his office in order to elicit their reactions to the suspension of the football captain. He told them that cheating was a pernicious disease which could not be tolerated at our school. He loathed having to discipline Art Krause so severely; but unless strict measures were taken, the students body would construe the incident as an open invitation to cheat with impunity. “We may lose a football game,” the principal said, “but we can salvage our self-respect.

  • Pyrrhic Victory – kemenangan yg sangat mahal harganya
  • summoned – memanggil
  • elicit – memperoleh
  • suspension – penahanan
  • pernicious – jahat
  • loathe – benci
  • strict – ketat
  • the student body – organisasi siswa
  • construe – menafsirkan
  • cheat with impunity – berbuat curang tanpa dihukum
  • salvage – menyelamatkan
  • self-respected – harga diri



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