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Off Broadway

When Monte Ziltch told his boss, Mr. Foy, that he was quitting as an accountant to become an actor, the man was convulse with laughter. After Mr. Foy realized that Monte was obsessed with the idea, he became quite serious, launching a diatribe on the importance of responsibility in the younger generation. Monte confessed that he had been developing ulcers as accountant, and when his psychiatrist suggested that the sickness was a result of inhibitions, Monte agreed. Now a fortuitous opportunity to get into show business required Monte to make an immediate decision. Mr. Foy stormed out of the office, muttering incoherently about hippies, beatniks and others of that ilk.

  • off – moving away and often down from
  • convulse – berguncang
  • diatribe – cacian
  • ulcer- borok
  • inhibition – keinginan yg tertahan
  • fortuitous- tak disengaja
  • ilk – jenis, macam



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