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Mullins Throws Down the Gauntlet

The pugnacious K.O Mulllins demanded a rematch. He took a full-page newspaper advertisement to promulgate his challenge. When the champ’s manager saw the brash announcement, he accosted Mullins who was surrounded by a throng of newsmen. The manager openly scoffed at Mullins and belittled his fighting ability. Mullins then lost his temper and fearlessly punched the manager, knocking him down from his wheelchair.

  • Throws down the gauntlet – mengajukan tantangan
  • Gauntlet – sarung tangan tinju
  • Pugnacious – garang
  • Rematch – pertandingan ulang
  • Accost – menyapa, menegur
  • A throng of – kerumunan
  • Scoffed – mengejek, mencemooh
  • Belittled – meremehkan
  • fearlessly – tanpa rasa takut

Today’s Idiom

  • To throw down the gaunlet – to challenge someone (where the gauntlet, or medieval glove, was throw down, the  challenger was required to pick it up).
  • The principal of our rival schoool threw down the gauntlet, and we had no choice but accept the challenge.
  • Gauntlets are long, thick, protective gloves. The policemen pulled on their white gauntlets.



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