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Much Ado About a Haircut

Perhaps you read about our school in the newspaper? We were one of the first to have showdown on the topic of long hair for boys. Two honor students, Ron Harris and Len Chester, were sent to the principal by their French teacher, an implacable foe of non-conformist, who went into a paroxysm of  anger when she spied the boys in the hall. At first it seemed like a simple case. The school would reprimand the boys for their reprehensible appearance and order them to cut their hair or be suspended. But the boy’s parents decided that the school had overstepped its jurisdiction; they took their case to the newspapers. What had started as a local skirmish now began to take on the appearance of  full-scale war.

perhaps barangkali
ado keributan, heboh
showdown pertikaian, bentrokan
implacable keras kepala, bengis, kejam
foe musuh
non-conformist bandito
paroxysm serangan hebat
reprimand menegur
reprehensible patut dicela
suspended diskorsing
overstepped melampaui, melangkahi
jurisdiction wewenang
skirmish pertempuran kecil



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