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Meet the Bees

One of the most interesting inhabitants of our world is the bee, an insect which is indigenous to all parts of the globe except the polar region. The honeybee is a gregarious insect whose habitat is a colony which he shares with as many as 80,000 bees. Although the individual bees live for only a few days, their colony can be operative for several years. A cursory study of the activities of these insects reveal an orderliness and a social structure which is truly amazing. For example, bees in a particular hive have a distinct odor; therefore, when  interloper seeks access they can identify him quickly and repulse in invasion.

  • inhabitant – penduduk
  • indigenous – asli, pribumi
  • gregarious- hidup berkelompok
  • cursory- singkat, sepintas lalu
  • orderliness – ketertiban
  • distinct- berbeda, jelas, istimewa
  • interloper- penyelundup
  • repulse – memukul mundur
  • invasion – invasi, serbuan



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