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It’s a Man’s World

How paradoxical that the world’s greatest chefs have all been man! Cooking would clearly seem to be the field which lies exclusively within the ladies realm, yet the annals of cookery are replete with masculine names: Brillat Savarin, Ritz Diaz, Larousse. To compound the puzzle, there has rarely been a tinge of rumor or scandal casting doubts on the masculinity of these heroes of cuisine.

  • Paradoxical – paradoksal, yg bertentangan asas
  • Chef – koki,  juru masak
  • realm – dunia, alam, bidang
  • yet – namun
  • annals – catatan sejarah
  • cookery – keahlian memasak
  • replete with – penuh dengan
  • to compound – menggabungkan
  • tinge – mewarnai sedikit
  • masculinity – kejantantan, kelelakian, possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men.
  • cuisine – masakan, santapan

Betapa paradoksnya bahwa para koki terhebat dunia semuanya pria! Memasak jelas akan menjadi bidang yang hanya ada di ranah wanita, namun catatan memasak penuh dengan nama maskulin: Brillat Savarin, Ritz Diat, Larousse. Untuk memperumit teka-teki, jarang ada desas-desus atau keraguan skandal casting pada maskulinitas para pahlawan masakan ini.



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