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It Seems to Work

Despite the antipathy towards commercials expressed by the viewers, the remarkable success of television commercials in selling products make it manifest that the advertiser had gleaned what the interviewer wants to see and hear from this research interview. This has helped the advertiser delve deeply into what motivates people when they go into the supermarket to purchase products. The advertising agency is never capricious and can vindicate spending large sums of money and research. Having uncovered what the public wants, the advertiser expedites putting the requisite words, music, and photographs of the product on film. He will thus replenish the never-ending, ubiquitous television commercial supply in the hope that the housewife will remember some facet of the film and buy the product.

  • manifest – nyata, jelas, wujud, nyata, ejawantah
  • glean- memungut, mengumpulkan sedikit-sedikit
  • delve- menggali, menyelidiki, mendalami, menyelami
  • capricious- berubah-ubah, tak terduga-duga, plin-plan
  • vindicate- membela, mempertahankan
  • expedite- mempercepat, melancarkan
  • replenish – mengisi, menambahkan
  • facet – segi, aspek



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