In the Nature of Educational Reform

Mr. Sloane did not want to perpetuate the disorders which stemmed from the alphabetical arrangement. Not only did he reverse the seating in his other classes, but he began to badger the school’s administration for a mandate to bring about such changes throughout the building. He called it a compensatory factor to neutralize the catastrophic effects of the traditional policy. Soon, Mr. Sloane earned the appellation of “ Mr. Backwards”

  • perpetuate- make (something, typically an undesirable situation or an unfounded belief) continue indefinitely
  • indefinetely – tanpa batas
  • disorder- a state of confusion
  • stemmed from – berasal dari
  • reverse – membalikan
  • badger- ask (someone) repeatedly and annoyingly for something; pester.
  • mandate- an official order or commission to do something.
  • compensatory- sebagai pengganti/imbangan
  • neutralize- menetralkan
  • catastrophic- extremely unfortunate or unsuccessful.
  • appellation – a name or title



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