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Hold That Nobel Prize!

Speaking of invention and discoveries, I just learned that an eminent scientist in Ohio has developed a pill which contain all nutritive value of three complete meals. In addition to providing us with the vitamin and minerals we need daily, this pill also gives a feeling of fullness. According to its sponsors, the pill will nourish and satisfy. I hate to disparage such a laudable achievement, but to me it seems like a most objectionable discovery. Rather than a scientific triumph, I’d be inclined to label it as an egregious blunder, a scientific disaster, a laboratory fiasco. Is there anyone in his right mind who think that a pill can replace the pleasures of devouring hot corn bread, masticating on a thick steak, biting into crisp french fries, or attacking a chocolate sundae? I’m afraid that this is one pill I’ll have to eschew from chewing.

  • Eminent – terkenal
  • nourish – makan
  • disparage – meremehkan
  • laudable – terpuji
  • objectionable – yg mungkin ditolak
  • triumph – kemenangan, keberhasilan
  • egregious – mengerikan
  • fiasco – kegagalan
  • devour – melahap
  • masticate – mengunyah
  • eschew – menjauhkan diri, menghindar



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