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Enter Dr. Thomas A. Dooley

In 1956, LOOK magazine named Thomas Dooley as one of the year’s ten most outstanding men. Just under thirty years of age at the time, Dr. Dooley had already distinguished himself by caring for a million sick and emaciated Vietnamese refugee. When fighting broke out in the divided country of Vietnam, the northern Communist Viet Minh forces surged southward, scattering thousands of refugees before them. At the time, Dr. Dooley was a lieutenant assigned to a tranquil naval hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. Forthwith he volunteered for duty on a navy ship that had been chosen to transport the refugee to sanctuary in Saigon. The curtain was beginning to ascend on Dooley’s real career.

  • Distinguish – membedakan
  • Care for – merawat
  • Emaciated – kurus
  • Surge- melanda
  • southward – ke arah selatan
  • Scatter – menyebarkan
  • before – di hadapan
  • Tranquil – tenang
  • Forthwith – segera
  • Sanctuary – suaka, tempat perlindungan
  • curtain – tirai, tabir
  • Ascend – naik, menanjak



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