Dr. Jeckyll or Mr. Hyde?

Under the pretext of  being a surgeon he gained entry to the hospital. When interviewed by the director, he had to fabricate a tale of his medical experience, but he was so adroit at lying that he got away with it. It was not until the phony “doctor” began to gesticulate wildly with his scalpel, that a vigilant nurse was able to detect the fraud. In the annals of his medical history there has been a number of such cases.

  • Pretext  – dalih
  • fabricate – memalsukan
  • adroit – gesit
  • got away with it – berhasil lolos dengan itu
  • phony – palsu
  • gesticulate – menggerakkan tangan
  • scalpel – pisau bedah
  • vigilant – waspada
  • fraud – penipuan



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