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As soon as Jerry Hart could get the pertinent facts from his wife, he dashed out of the office on his way home. He jostled people in the hallway, implored the elevator operator to hurry, and with flagrant disregard for an elderly gentleman jumped into the cab he had hailed. The twenty minute taxi ride seemed interminable and all the while horrible thoughts occurred to Jerry. Vision of an ugly mastiff with foaming jaws obsessed him. A crowd of people had gathered in front of his house so that Jerry had to force his way through them. Little Bobby was on his bed, surrounded by a doctor, a policeman, Jerry’s doleful wife, his two daughters, and a half-dozen wan neighbors.

  • pertinent – bersangkutan
  • jostle – mendorong, mendesak
  • implore – memohon-mohon
  • flagrant – menyolok
  • hail – memanggil
  • mastiff – anjing besar
  • doleful – muram, sedih
  • wan – pucat



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