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Cracking Down

Mr. Dorsey, our new principal, determined to do something about the flagrant cheating at our high school. He issued bulletins and began to admonish  those teachers who did not proctor alertly. Under duress, the faculty reported the names of the culprits. Several crib sheets were turned in as tangible evidence of the cheating. Mr. Dorsey’s inexorable campaign against the wrong-doers seemed to be paying off.

  • principal – kepala sekolah
  • flagrant – menyolok
  • admonish – menegur
  • proctor – pengawas
  • alertly – waspada
  • duress – paksaan
  • culprit – orang yang salah
  • crib sheet – kertas lembar contekan
  • turned in – diserahkan
  • tangible – bukti nyata
  • inexorable – tak kenal ampun
  • wrong-doer – pelaku kesalahan



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